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Welcome! Below you can find the directory of Majors' Committees, and email addresses to get in touch. Each committee has an annually elected Chair and any number of interested at-large members, working tirelessly and selflessly to improve the lot of current and potential majors. The committees are responsible for holding departmental social events and get-togethers, and providing a space for majors to get to know one another. They represent the department or program at academic functions like the majors fairs, and nominate peer advisers every year. They also act as a resource for students curious about the major, JYA programs, professors, classes, speakers and lecturers, and senior work in the field. Don't hesitate to email them if you have any questions at all.

Name Committee Chair Email
Africana Studies Program
American Studies Program
Anthropology Department Christine Torres and Jay Reist
Art Department Sophie Asakura and Kit Durr
Asian Studies Program Maya Hawkins
Astronomy Department, Physics and Gagandeep Anand and Simon Patane
Biochemistry Program George Beyer
Biology Department Whitney Manhart
Chemistry Department Ben Slaw and Taylor Quinn
Chinese and Japanese Program Saisha Srivastava (Chinese) and Katie Carpenter (Japanese)
Cognitive Science Program
Computer Science Department Cat Morgan and Mikey Saugstad
Drama Department Jessie Lanza
Earth Science Department Katie Ewen
Economics Department Lea Rendell
Education Department Leo Torres (Intern) and Samantha Basch
English Department Nick Rueda-Sabater (Intern)
Environmental Studies Program Sarah Yanuck
Film Department Bobbie Lucas
French and Francophone Studies Department Julia Fitzgerald and Filippa Olsson Skalin
Geography Department Hannah Snyder-Samuelson
German Studies Department Anna Brashear and Nicole Luche
Greek and Roman Studies Sean McCoy and Amreen Bhasin
Hispanic Studies Department
History Department Sophia Rutkin
Independent Program
International Studies Program
Italian Department Allegra Robertson
Jewish Studies Program
Latin American and Latino/a Studies Program
Mathematics Department Anthony Graves-McCleary
Media Studies Program
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program Rani Gold and Noah Ross
Music Department
Neuroscience and Behavior Program Konrad Ben
Philosophy Department Derek Butterton and Clement Stormes
Political Science Department
Psychology Department
Religion Department Mia Livingston
Russian Studies Department
Science, Technology and Society Program Heather Ingraham
Sociology Department Emilia Plater-Zyberk (Intern) and Nicole Wong
Urban Studies Program
Victorian Studies Program Ruby Pierce and Joanna Weiss
Women's Studies Program


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