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Board of Elections and Appointments

Appointed to protect the integrity and independence of student elections, the members of the Board of Elections and Appointments controls all VSA elections, appointments, recalls, and all related activities.

Fall 2022 Election

A special election will be held for the 2022 Fall semester to elect currently-vacant seats and all first-year positions.

There are two (2) Student-Athlete Representative seats open. Student-Athlete Representatives must be an active athlete on any one or more of the College’s varsity teams, regardless of class year.

There are four (4) First-Year Senator seats open, one (1) First-Year Justice seat open, and one (1) First-Year House Representative seat open for each of the nine residential houses. First-Year Senators and the First-Year Justice must be in the first-year class. First-Year House Representative must be in the first-year class and reside in the residential house that they are seeking election for.

The following vacancies will also be filled in this election:

  • Terrace Apartments President
  • Terrace Apartments Vice President
  • Town Houses President
  • Town House Vice President
  • South Commons Vice President
  • Apartment Areas Treasurer
  • BoEA Class of 2023 Representative
  • BoEA Class of 2024 Representative

Per our Constitution, no person may hold more than one (1) position at a time in the VSA.

Filing Opens

Tuesday, September 13th, 12:00pm –

Tuesday, September 20th, 12:00pm

Mandatory Candidate's Meeting

Tuesday, September 20th, 6:00pm

College Center MPR


Immediately after Candidate's Meeting – Immediately before Voting

Candidate's Forum

Saturday, September 24th, 6:00pm

Rockefeller Hall 200


Tuesday, September 27th, 12:00pm – Thursday, September 29th, 12:00pm

Results Announced

Thursday, September 29th, 6:00pm

Old Bookstore

Who We Are

Rey Claro

Chair of Elections and Appointments

To Be Appointed

Vice Chair of Elections

To Be Appointed

Vice Chair of Appointments

To Be Elected

2023 Representative

To Be Elected

2024 Representative

Ben Goth

2025 Representative

Elta Bajrami

2026 Representative