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Executive Board

The Executive Board, led by the President, is the executive body of the Vassar Student Association. The nine officers represent the student community to the College trustees, administration, faculty, and alumnae/i.

What We Do

The Executive Board is committed to advancing student interests and representing advocating on behalf of the Association. In chairing their respective Senate committees, the Executive Board supports our senators in moving resolutions that strengthen the Association and improve the student experience.

The Executive Board is a closed standing committee of the Senate and has the power to:

  • Serve as representatives on behalf of the Association to the Vassar College trustees, administration, faculty, alumnae/i, and the wider community.
  • Exercise the powers of the Senate when the Senate is not in session.
  • Manage and administer the Administrative Office and Operating Fund of the Association.
  • Disbursements of the Operating Fund of the Association which exceed $250.00 shall require the prior authorization of the Senate.

Who We Are

Olivia Gross


Emily Doucet

Vice President

Traci Francis

Equity Executive

Sofia Balich

Wellness Executive

Jordan Norman

Sustainability Executive

Dylan Ouderkirk

Director of Finance

Kate Bamberg

Director of Student Organizations

Faye Stevens

Director of Student Events

Maxwell Bergman

Director of Services

Matthew Taverez

Director of Communications