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Student Organizations

Get involved on campus! Join one of our 165+ student organizations, who collectively put on hundreds of events each month.​

Stay tuned! We'll be bringing you a new, interactive student organization directory in Fall 2022.

Org NameStatusEmailDescriptionInstagramFacebookYouTube
Accidentals (Axies)CertifiedEmailThe Axies are Vassar's premier all-male and non-binary a capella group.Instagram
African Students' Union (ASU)CertifiedEmailAfrican Students' Union, or ASU, is an organization built around fostering an environment of support and comfort for African students and students across the African Diaspora. Through conversations, music, and even food, students are able to create a meaningful community with their African peers. Instagram
AikidoCertifiedEmailAikido is a defensive Japanese martial art that revolves around using your opponent's energy to diffuse confrontations without bringing harm to any party involved, including the attacker. For many years, Vassar has taught a rare strand of Aikido that integrates these aspects with live competition and sparring. We have historically held national festivals and seminars with masters and world champions.
AirCapellaCertifiedEmailAirCapella is Vassar's premier all-whistling acappella group.Instagram
Amnesty InternationalCertifiedEmail
Archery ClubCertifiedEmailArchery Club is here grow a love of shooting sports through practice and friendly competition.
Art ClubCertifiedEmail
Asian Students' Alliance (ASA)CertifiedEmailVassar's Asian Students' Alliance aims to develop a strong sense of identity and to educate the larger community about the issues concerning Asians and Asian Americans. ASA will provide support to its members and serve as a body to represent, to the best of its ability, the distinct cultures of all of the members of ASA. ASA’s support extends to the community of color at large, as well as other social awareness groups. Instagram
Barefoot FirefliesCertifiedEmailThe Barefoot Fireflies are Vassar College's one and only circus and flow art organization! They put on two shows a year, two fire show and two indoor shows. They welcome all students regardless of experience and can be frequently found circus-ing on the Quad Weds/Fridays from 3-6pm.InstagramFacebookVisit SiteYouTube
Beauty and the BeatsCertifiedEmail
Best BuddiesPreliminaryEmail
Big K!dzCertifiedEmail
Big Night InCertifiedEmail
Black Students Union (BSU)CertifiedEmailWe are an org that provides a safe space for Black students on campus. We aim to foster community for the current and incoming Black people at Vassar to build relationships and plan excursions together. Events include visiting other campuses for conferences, weekly general body meetings, and an annual Black Solidarity Dinner to end off Black history month. Instagram
Breaking, Locking, and Popping (BLP)PreliminaryEmail
Broadway and More AcapellaCertifiedEmailBAM (a.k.a. Broadway And More) A Cappella, is a gender-inclusive a cappella group with a specialty in Broadway/musical theatre. In addition, BAM also sings songs by The Beatles, Ingrid Michaelson, Joey Contreras, Panic! at the Disco, and more. A fun, dramatic, and energized group, we love to host themed concerts (bonus points if they're “BAM” puns!) and bring a distinct theatrical flair to each story we tell. BAM actively performs in the community, and records in the studio as well.Instagram
Buddhist Sangha Community (BSC)PreliminaryEmailBuddhist Sangha (from the Sanskrit for community) is for people who practice or are curious about any tradition of Buddhist teachings (dharma). The group meets for meditation sits on Tuesdays at 9:00am, Thursdays at 8:00pm, and Sundays at 3:00pm in-person in Pratt House. Buddhist Sangha also takes periodic trips to local Buddhist centers, sponsors dharma talks, offers film and documentary screenings, and provides a forum to share questions, experiences and information related to any form of Buddhist thought and practice. Please contact Buddhist Sangha for further questions and information.
BurlesqueCertifiedEmailBurlesque prioritizes fostering radical self-love with weekly workshops, safe spaces, and community-building exercises. We engage and break down topics like gender, sexuality, and body positivity. Open to the Vassar community, our striptease shows use performance as a means to heal and reclaim. If you're interested in the space please find us at the org fair, look on Instagram @vassarburlesque, or reach out to burlesque.vsa@vassar.eduInstagram
CamerataCertifiedEmailThe Vassar Camerata, the college’s only student-run early music ensemble, was founded in 2004 by students in conjunction with the music department. We specialize in music dating from a broad and diverse span of time, c. 800-1800. In accordance with the name “Camerata,” which originates from a term used to denote chamber music or musical gatherings of friends, our aim is to cultivate an inclusive community and provide opportunities for music making to students from all majors and musical backgrounds.
Ceramics ClubCertifiedEmail
Chabad Jewish CommunityCertifiedEmailThe Chabad Jewish Community (CJC) strives to foster an inclusive, warm, and fun space on campus for Jewish students to explore their identities. From weekly Shabbat dinners to holiday programming to social events to volunteering in the Poughkeepsie community - CJC offers numerous ways to tap into Jewish life on campus. Our goal is to make Judaism and Jewish practice accessible and relevant for all Jewish students regardless of affiliation or level of observance. Our hallmark event is weekly Shabbat dinners at the Chabad house (94 Fulton Ave - one block away from campus) where students are treated to a home cooked meal in a family-stye environment. All are welcome! Meet new students, enjoy a meal and Shabbat rituals, and find a small slice of “home” away from home. Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at and follow us on Instagram at @vassarchabad.InstagramFacebook
Chinese Student CommunityCertifiedEmailChinese Student Community thrives to be a bridge connecting the Chinese internationals and the wider Vassar community. Our goal is to share with the Vassar community the unique cultures, experiences and perspectives of Chinese international students, and to accommodate Chinese international students with the resources they need to thrive at Vassar. We share Vassar’s vision for a global, inclusive and engaging campus environment that promotes personal growth for everyone.
CHOICECertifiedEmailCHOICE stands for Campus Health Organization for Information, Contraception, and Education. We are an entirely student-run organization whose mission is to facilitate the safer sex practices of students by speedily distributing free condoms, latex gloves, dental dams, lubricant and other supplies through an anonymous ordering system. Recognizing that safer sex and sexual health education are integral to creating a sexually healthy and informed student body here at Vassar, we also distribute educational pamphlets about STIs, pregnancy and contraception and we invite guest speakers annually to come engage with our student body about these important matters.InstagramFacebook
Climbing TeamCertifiedEmail
Club Soccer TeamPreliminaryEmail
Coalesce Dance EnsembleCertifiedEmailCoalesce Dance Ensemble strives to create a collaborative, student-run space that exists for people passionate about the dance process. Ensemble members create and experiment based on their own creative intentions, which fluctuates semester to semester. Coalesce Dance Ensemble is an environment that allows members to explore both within and outside of their usual interests or dance backgrounds. This is a smaller community committed to fostering a creative environment and producing work that members are excited about. Dance styles include contemporary, jazz, hip hop, and more!InstagramYouTube
Comedy Normative (Com Nom)CertifiedEmailComedy Normative is Vassar's only non-audition stand-up group. They have weekly meetings where students brainstorm and workshop jokes in preparation for two performances a semester. Com Nom prioritizes inclusivity and collaboration. No experience needed! Instagram
Consulting and Finance Club (VCFC)CertifiedEmail
ContrastCertifiedEmailContrast Magazine is Vassar College’s 100% student-run style & culture magazine. We provide an outlet for creative expression for the greater Vassar community in various forms of art, including fashion, makeup, photography, film, writing and digital design. Instagram
Council of ALANA Seniors (CAS)CertifiedEmail
Crafts Not BombsCertifiedEmail
Democracy MattersCertifiedEmailDemocracy Matters is a campus advocacy organization dedicated to supporting grassroots political candidates and expanding voting rights, with a goal of eliminating corporate and big money influence from US politics.Instagram
Doctors Without Borders (Friends of MSF)CertifiedEmail
Emergency Medical Service (VCEMS)CertifiedEmail
Equestrian TeamCertifiedEmail
Express YourselfPreliminaryEmailExpress Yourself is a Vassar College pre-org that encourages the use of the arts to heal and empower youth ages 5-12. By providing a creative space for these children, we are able to strengthen their self-worth, resiliency, and artistic spark to help unlock their fullest academic and personal potential. We hope to normalize the use of mental health resources and healing through artistic self-expression!Instagram
Fellowship of Latter-Day Saints (FOLDS)Preliminary
Forum for Political ThoughtCertifiedEmail
Foundation for International Medical Relief for Children (FIMRC)PreliminaryEmail
Future Waitstaff of America (FWA)CertifiedEmail
Gender Inclusivity in STEM (GiSTEM)CertifiedEmail
Grey Matters Journal at Vassar College (GMJvc)CertifiedEmail
Habitat for Humanity (H4H)CertifiedEmail
Happily Ever Laughter (HEL)CertifiedEmail
Home BrewedCertifiedEmail
Home BrewedCertifiedEmail
How we Approach Antisemitism as Students (HAAS)CertifiedEmail
Hunger ActionCertifiedEmail
Iced BrewCertifiedEmail
Idlewild Theatre EnsembleCertifiedEmail
Indecent ExposureCertifiedEmail
Irish DancePreliminaryEmail
Japanese Association for Students (JAS)CertifiedEmail
Jews of Color CaucusCertifiedEmail
Korean Dance Crew (KoDC)CertifiedEmail
Korean Student Association (KSA)CertifiedEmail
Latinx Student Union (LSU)CertifiedEmail
Let's NachoPreliminaryEmail
Liberty in North Korea (LiNK)CertifiedEmail
Linguistics ClubPreliminaryEmail
Mahagonny EnsembleCertifiedEmail
Maroon SocietyPreliminaryEmail
Measure 4 Measure (M4M)CertifiedEmail
Merely PlayersCertifiedEmail
Middle Eastern and North African Student Association (MENASA)CertifiedEmail
Mock TrialCertifiedEmail
Mountain & Water Club (M&W)PreliminaryEmail
Multiracial/Biracial Student Alliance (MBSA)CertifiedEmail
Muslim Student Association (MSA)CertifiedEmail
Native American and Indigenous Student Alliance (NAISA)CertifiedEmail
Night OwlsCertifiedEmail
Nitrous Oxide (N2O)CertifiedEmail
No Such Organization (NSO)CertifiedEmail
On TapCertifiedEmail
Outing Club (VOC)CertifiedEmail
Pre-Veterinary and Animal Science Club (PAWS)CertifiedEmail
Project SunshinePreliminaryEmail
Quest Scholars Chapter of Vassar CollegeCertifiedEmail
Quizbowl (VQB)CertifiedEmail
Relay for Life (R4L)CertifiedEmail
Roadway to Research in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and BioinformaticsPreliminaryEmail
Roller RatsPreliminaryEmail
Sailing TeamCertifiedEmail
Senior Class Council (SCC)CertifiedEmail
Shakespeare TroupeCertifiedEmail
Sikh Student AssociationPreliminaryEmail
Ski TeamCertifiedEmail
Smash ClubCertifiedEmail
Social DancingCertifiedEmail
South Asian Student Alliance (SASA)CertifiedEmail
Southeast Asian Student's Alliance (SEASA)CertifiedEmail
Student Music ClubCertifiedEmail
Students for Equitable Environmental Decisions (SEED)CertifiedEmail
Students for Justice in PalestineCertifiedEmail
Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)CertifiedEmail
Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)CertifiedEmail
Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA)CertifiedEmail
Survivor's Healing Initiative for Education, Liberation, and Determination (SHIELD) (SHIELD)PreliminaryEmail
Susan Stein Shiva Theater (Shiva Theater)CertifiedEmail
Team InkPreliminaryEmail
The LimitCertifiedEmail
The Listening Center (TLC)CertifiedEmail
The Miscellany NewsCertifiedEmail
The Philaletheis SocietyCertifiedEmail
the UndergroundCertifiedEmail
The Vassar Brew Coffee BarCertifiedEmail
Transcending Boundaries and Dichotomies (TBD)CertifiedEmail
Ultimate Frisbee (Swinging Monks)CertifiedEmail
Unbound Student TheaterCertifiedEmail
Vass ShakersCertifiedEmail
Vassar Alliance for Women in Foreign Affairs (VAWFA)CertifiedEmail
Vassar Asian American Studies Working Group (VASAM)CertifiedEmail
Vassar BikesCertifiedEmail
Vassar Business Club (VBC)CertifiedEmail
Vassar Catholic Community (VCC)CertifiedEmail
Vassar Christian FellowshipCertifiedEmail
Vassar College Alliance of Theater Technicians (VCATT)CertifiedEmail
Vassar College Sound System (VCSS)CertifiedEmail
Vassar College Television (VCTV)CertifiedEmail
Vassar CosmeticsCertifiedEmail
Vassar Debate SocietyCertifiedEmail
Vassar DemocratsCertifiedEmail
Vassar DevilsCertifiedEmail
Vassar Disability Coalition (VDC)CertifiedEmail
Vassar Food Community (VFC)CertifiedEmail
Vassar Haiti Project (VHP)CertifiedEmail
Vassar Healthcare Industry Club (VHIC)CertifiedEmail
Vassar Improv (VCVI)CertifiedEmail
Vassar InsiderCertifiedEmail
Vassar Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ChapterPreliminaryEmail
Vassar International Student Association (VISA)CertifiedEmail
Vassar Jewish Union (Hillel)CertifiedEmail
Vassar Law Club (VLC)CertifiedEmail
Vassar Post-Pasteurization Alliance (VPPA)PreliminaryEmail
Vassar Refugee SolidarityCertifiedEmail
Vassar Student Review (VSR)CertifiedEmail
Vassar Urban Enrichment (VUE)CertifiedEmail
Vassar VerseCertifiedEmail
Vassar Veterans Association (VVA)CertifiedEmail
Vassar Voices for Planned Parenthood (VVPP)CertifiedEmail
VC RoyaltyCertifiedEmail
ViCE MusicCertifiedEmail
ViCE WeeklyCertifiedEmail
Woodshed Theater EnsembleCertifiedEmail
Working Student Coalition (WSC)CertifiedEmail
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