Ben WillsBen Wills
Class of 2014
Solos: Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Major: Cognitive Science, Correlate in Hispanic Studies
Hometown: Portland, OR
Favorite Artists: Metric, Tame Impala, Toro y Moi, Oscar Peterson, Paul Simon, Lauren Hill
Favorite Movie: Akira
Hidden Talent: Stir-frying.
Catchphrase: “I’m agnostic about it.”
Fun Fact About Myself: I still haven’t started writing my thesis.





Danny DonesDanny Dones
Class of 2016
Solos: Bad Religion
Major: Latin American & Latin@ Studies, Correlate Sequence in Music and Culture
Hometown: Morristown, NJ
Favorite Artists: Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, John Legend, Solange, JT, Etta James, Marvin Gaye, Selena, Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, Stevie Wonder, Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, Bend.
Favorite Movie: Pan’s Labyrinth
Hidden Talent: Animal noises.
Catchphrase: “Meow.”
Fun Fact About Myself: I sleep with a hamburger pillow.





Hannah Tobias 3Hannah Tobias
Class of 2016
Solos: I Can’t Make You Love Me
Arrangements: American Boy, Kissin’ a Fool
Major: Drama
Hometown: Rhinebeck, NY
Favorite Artists: (I’m more of a song-by-song person, but if I have to?) Billy Joel for the classics, the Scissor Sisters for an 80′s dance party, Andrew Bird for the hipster, John Mayer for the singer-songwriter, “Original Broadway Cast” for almost anything else, and my composing-musician-friends (for example Sean Eads – of BEND – and Sam Smith [both Devils!]) for unreal, live or recorded talent!
Favorite Movie: Singin’ In the Rain
Hidden Talent: Able to grow at will: I am actually 8 feet tall and simply choose to live at a more modest height.
Catchphrase: “Meh.”
Fun Fact About Myself: I have tap-danced in a boxing ring professionally.



Jacob Damsky 2Jacob Damsky
Class of 2015
Bass/Vocal Percussion/Co-Pitch
Solos: Change In My Life, Kissin’ a Fool
Major: Biology, Correlate Sequence in Music Composition
Hometown: Lexington, MA
Favorite Artists: Queen, Green Day, John Mayer, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Frank Ocean, Coldplay.
Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight
Hidden Talent: Posture.
Catchphrase: “I have to wake up for practice at 5:00 AM!”
Fun Fact About Myself: I’m the captain of the Vassar Men’s Rowing team.






JerdJordan Gotbaum
Class of 2017
Solos: Derpy Derpina
Major: Doody
Hometown: Atlantis
Favorite Artists: The theme song from the Rugrats. It’s the only thing on my iPod.
Favorite Movie: Mean Girls 2
Hidden Talent: Eating large quantities of beets.
Catchphrase: “Turnaaaaaa!”
Fun Fact About Myself: I squelch a lot.




Joseph Syzmanski 2Joseph Szymanski
Class of 2017
Solos: September
Major: Undeclared
Hometown: Long Island, New York
Favorite Artists: “Original Broadway Cast” for nearly any show (stolen from Hannah Tobias, but SO true), basically anyone performing for a Disney movie, One Direction, Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Spice Girls, Owl City, Alicia Keys, Queen—I’d keep going but I get really particular about the specific songs that I like.  Play me one of your favorite artists, I’m sure I’ll like them too!
Favorite Movie: V for Vendetta
Hidden Talent: It’s so hidden that I don’t even know what it is!
Catchphrase: “Wait, what—what’s going on?”
Fun Fact: I’ve used Facebook to document nearly every strange/hilarious occurrence that has happened to me over the past few months.



Josh BruceJosh Bruce
Class of 2016
Major: The FUTURE (Environmental Bio)
Hometown: Philly
Favorite Artists: Edvard Munch and Hieronymus Bosch.
Favorite Movie: LOTR Return of the King. I AM Merry.
Hidden Talent: I draw incredibly detailed charcoal drawings of David Bowie on my own chest every morning before showering.
Catchphrase: *head down, cocked eyebrow, slight smile, crazy eyes*
Fun Fact About Myself: I cook to the Bee Gees.





Laura BarretoLaura Barreto
Class of 2017
Major: Prospective Music and Computer Science double major!
Hometown: Palisades Park, NJ
Favorite Artists: Regina Spektor, Muse, Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes, Beirut, (there are a lot more, but i’ll keep this short and sweet).
Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge
Hidden Talent: Hiding my talent.
Catch Phrase: “I want Chipotle.”
Fun Fact: I absolutely love panda bears. Once, I had a two week phase where I wanted to become a panda breeder specialist.





Matt Goldstein 2Matt Goldstein
Class of 2017
Solos: Feelin’ Good
Arrangements: My Heart With You
Major: Undeclared
Hometown: Sharon, MA
Favorite Artists: Sara Bareilles, Regina Spektor, Beyoncé, Pentatonix, Eric Whitacre, Apollo Run, Janelle Monáe, Ingrid Michaelson, Jessie J, Jason Robert Brown, Jeanine Tesori, Stephen Sondheim, John Williams, Howard Shore, and many, many more.
Favorite Movie: ABOUT TIME! It’s made my the creators of my OTHER favorite movie, Love Actually, and is essentially perfect.
Hidden Talent: Extreme Indecisiveness (it was a struggle to even narrow down the “favorite artists” list to 14).
Catchphrase: “[repeats a joke that someone else just made - no one laughs]”
Fun Fact About Myself: One time, Regina George punched me in the face… It was awesome!





Michelle Morochnik 1Michelle Morochnik
Class of 2017
Solos: Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Favorite Artists: Death Cab for Cutie, Sufjan Stevens, Ella Fitzgerald, George Gershwin, Keaton Henson, The White Stripes, Billy Joel
Favorite Movie: Mary & Max (and almost every animated short out there)
Hidden Talent: Licking my elbow while speaking broken Russian.
Catchphrase: “Can I climb it?”
Fun Fact About Myself: The end of the Cold War and me being really bad at Russian are my biggest regrets for America because now I have to choose a career path other than Russian Spy.




Naa Nikoi

Naa Nikoi
Class of 2017
Solos: Feelin’ Good
Major: Undeclared
Hometown: n/a
Favorite Artists: First Aid Kit, Shakira
Favorite Movie: I watch way too many movies to have a favorite, but Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2/ and American beauty are pretty high up.
Hidden Talent: Millions have marveled at my prowess and mastery of the art of staying in bed.
Catchphrase: “Whatever, you’re not the boss of me.”
Fun Fact About Myself: Usually if I’ve seen and liked a TV show, i’ve seen every single episode. Beat that.



Sam Smith 2Sam Smith
Class of 2014
Alto/Social Chair
Solos: American Boy, Thank You
Major: Media Studies, Correlate Sequence in Music & Culture and French
Hometown: Newport Beach, CA
Favorite Artists: Ella Fitzgerald, Freddie Mercury
Favorite Movie: Disney’s Robin Hood
Hidden Talent: Being Sweet.
Catchphrase: “Guys, we are the s***!”
Fun Fact About Myself: I have a dog named Snoopy but NO ONE BELIEVES ME.






Sarah RaganSarah Ragan
Class of 2017
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Allentown, PA
Favorite Artists: Devin Townsend, Slothrust, Frank Turner, Woods of Ypres, the Spring Standards
Favorite Movie: American Beauty
Hidden Talent: Bad dancing.
Catchphrase: “I’m sorry.”
Fun Fact About Myself: My pit hair is dyed pink (and it’s glorious).







Sean EadsSean Eads
Class of 2015
Tenor/Vocal Percussion/Co-Pitch
Solos: Raw Sugar, Re-Arranger
Arrangements: Hide and Seek, Re-Arranger
Major: Media Studies, Correlate in Math/Computer Science
Hometown: Los Angeles
Favorite Artists: There’s nothing less revealing about my musical tastes than listing some of the artists I like I’m so sorry I can’t do it I just can’t.
Favorite Movie: Can I change it to favorite TV show? Twin Peaks. Movies is too hard. The movie I’ve watched the most is probably Brick, but there are many movies I mean c’mon I love ‘em all.
Hidden Talent: Communicating the fractal message.
Catchphrase: “Good vibes.”
Fun Fact About Myself: I’m in a band called Bend.




Tamsin ChenTamsin Chen
Class of 2015
Alto/Business Manager
Solos: Don’t Stop Me Now, Re-Arranger
Major: International Studies & Economics
Hometown: Singapore, Singapore & Melbourne, Australia
Favorite Artists: Simon & Garfunkel, Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Norah Jones, Joni Mitchell
Favorite Movie: Spirited Away
Hidden Talent: I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you…!
Catchphrase: “Please. Just. Respond to that Google Doc/WhenIsGood/Doodle/email.”
Fun Fact About Myself: Ultimate favourite sandwich combo is the peanut butter-and-pickle. Or try peanut butter, olives, and apple slices – just trust me on this!






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