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New Preliminary Organization Application

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Application to Become a Preliminary Organization Is Currently Closed

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Preliminary Organizations are groups of students recognized by the VSA that are able to host events and apply for limited VSA funding. Prelminary Organizations are provided a liaison to the VSA Activites Committee to assist with logistical support to help their Preliminary Organization thrive. After three semesters as an active Preliminary Organization you can apply to be a full VSA organization.


The Full Organization Certification Process

  1. Complete the Preliminary Organization Recognition Application.
  2. Have initial meeting with the Vice President for Activities.
  3. You will be invited to Activities Committee to present your Preliminary Organization Recognition Packet.
  4. Upon approval of the Activities Committee, you will be recognized as a Preliminary Organization, and will be given an Activities Committee Liaison who will monitor your growth as a Preliminary Organization.
  5. Hold general body meetings and put on events as a recognized Preliminary Organization! Regularly fill out event evaluations and stay in communication with your Activities Committee Liaison. Continue to meet Preliminary Organization requirements as outlined in the VSA Bylaws.
  6. Each semester you will be invited to Activities Committee in order to assess your progress as a group. At that time it will be decided whether you are able to sustain Preliminary Organization status, or if you are eligible to become a certified organization.
  7. If your Preliminary Organization meets all the requirements to be a certified organization, you will be provided an Organization Certification Application.
  8. Give the completed Organization Certification Application to Vice President for Activities.
  9. The application is brought to the Activities Committee, who will ask you to come in and answer questions.
  10. You will present the application to the VSA Council, where it will be voted upon.
  11. If approved by the VSA Council, you will be certified VSA Organization!

Preliminary Organization Application


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