Vassar Student Association


Vassar boasts more than 170 unique student organizations, ranging from comedy troupes to debate teams. Organizations are entirely student-run, and manage their own annual budgets. Below, read about each of our organizations and begin reaching out to organizations that interest you. Groups are always looking for new members. Are you involved?

You should take a look at Preliminary Organizations too! Pre-orgs are fully recognized by the VSA as Student Organizations, we just keep closer taps on them ensure that they get off to a great start!


Jesse Horowitz (

ACCESS is a student organization established to meet the needs and concerns of students with disabilities and allies. Its membership is open to all students with an interest in issues of disability, accessibility, and inclusion. Its purpose is to provide an environment more sensitive to the particular academic, political, social, and psychological concerns of students with all types of disabilities attending Vassar College and to educate the larger community about issues concerning disability. It provides support to its members and serves as a body to represent the unique experience of both people with disabilities and allies. It also works to create an understanding of disability advocacy and inclusion by addressing disability rights as a part of social justice.

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President: Chris Dietz, Pitch: Jake Pardee, Social Media Chair: Pyeong Lim (

The Accidentals (or Axies) are Vassar's only all-male a-cappella group, founded in 1980. We have rotating membership with new members auditioned as old members graduate. The Axies usually perform for dorm and school-wide events, as well as singing at other colleges and gatherings at Alumni House. We've recorded multiple CD's and are currently working on a new collection with some boss original arrangements. We also hold four major concerts a year: an a-cappella jam with all of the other groups on campus at the beginning of the year, a concert with the Night Owls, and two final concerts at the end of each semester.

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African Students Union (ASU)

Regina Ebo (

The African Students Union, formerly known as the Africa Club, came into existence as the Vassar Association of African Students in 1992 and was founded in an effort to stimulate an environment more sensitive to the particular academic, political, social, and psychological concerns of African students attending Vassar College. Membership is open to all matriculated students at Vassar College and all Africans not matriculated at Vassar to serve as a motivation for cultivation of all members on the social, academic, and psychological fronts.

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Justin Vo and Kaitryn Doyle (

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that emphasizes timing and balance breaking as the keys to successfully applying joint locks, throws, and submission holds. Aikido focuses on redirecting the opponent's energy and using it against them, rather than exerting force on the opponent, and therefore does not depend on body strength. Our instructor, Jun Zhao, is a first degree black belt who has studied Aikido extensively. Practices are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays 8pm to 10pm and Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm. Attendance is not mandatory and the club is open to any member of the Vassar community.

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Morrigan Turner (

AirCappella is Vassar College's premier all-whistling a cappella group. Since its inception in 2005, AirCappella has made its way into the spotlight of worldwide professional whistling, having repeatedly represented Vassar at the International Whistlers Convention in Louisburg, North Carolina since 2007.

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Amnesty International

Laura Wood, Chris Halm, Priya Misra (

Amnesty International is an independent, worldwide human rights organization that works to free all people detained for the nonviolent exercise of belief, or for their race, sex, ethnicity, language, or religion. It strives toward fair and speedy trials for political prisoners and for an end to torture, political killings, and the death penalty. Its work is based upon the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all such international agreements. Amnesty condemns terrorism, taking of hostages, or any killing or torturing of prisoners by armed opposition groups and takes action by writing letters and petitions, setting up informational tables, increasing awareness about international events pertaining to human rights, and sponsoring special events to coincide with days of particular import, such as Human Rights Week.

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Alexandra Alcantara, Robert Louis, Kevin Ruiz (

The Vassar Archery Club provides the Vassar community the opportunity to learn and practice the Olympic sport of archery. No experience or equipment is necessary, as the club provides everything you will need to learn the skill, including a number of nationally certified instructors. Practices are on the weekends during the warmer parts of the year, from 1:30 to 4:30 every Saturday and Sunday. Anyone who is interested is encouraged to come to practice and learn about the sport, and to shoot with us for a day, or even just for an hour. Membership in the club is open to anyone who is interested, attending all practices is not mandatory, and attending the full length of practice is not mandatory.

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Asian Students Alliance (ASA)

Jonathan Chung, Wendy Liu (

The primary goal of the Asian Students Alliance is for Asians and Asian-Americans to succeed and develop a strong sense of identity and to educate the larger community about the issues concerning Asians and Asian-Americans. To promote this goal, the members of ASA encourage the pursuit of cultural and linguistic knowledge of their ancestors to ensure that there is an understanding of Asian and Asian-American roots. The ASA will provide support to its members and serve as a body to represent, to the best of its ability, the distinct cultures of all of the members of ASA. ASA's support extends to the community of color at large as well as other social awareness groups.

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Ballroom Dancing

Camilla Hippee, Jyen Yiee Wong (

Ballroom styles have lost their reputation as the fun and suave set of movements they once were. To this generation, ballroom dancing is of the past. Well, we think otherwise. Ballroom is fresh. Our club is here to give everyone the chance to put on their ballroom shoes and feel confident on the dance floor. We invite students from every corner of campus to join our club. Before you know it, you may be wowing the crowd at our club's version of "Dancing with the Stars." You don't need any experience at all. The only thing you need is the passion to tango, the fire to salsa, the grace to waltz, the energy to swing, the spirit to foxtrot, the desire to rhumba, and, most importantly, the heart to learn.

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Barefoot Monkeys

Christa Ventresca, Jake Henin (

The Barefoot Monkeys Circus Arts Club, formerly the Vassar College Jugglers, exists to increase the awareness and practice of circus arts in all its forms, including but not limited to juggling, poi and staff spinning, acrobatics, hoop dancing, and fire spinning. The group strives to teach and hone these skills in our broader community through hosting a regular bi-weekly forum (better known as "playtime") and also by creating performances. All a prospective Monkey needs is the desire to try new things and the whimsy to have fun while doing them!

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Beauty and the Beats

Julia Schmidt ()

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Black Students Union (BSU)

Kayla Fisher & Cheyenne Tobias (VP) (

The Black Students Union is a student organization established to meet the needs and concerns of the Black students on Vassar's campus. Its dual purpose is to provide an on-campus support system for the individual Black student while establishing and cementing ties with our sisters and brothers on other campuses and to serve as a viable political, educational, and cultural force. Its goal is to cultivate sensitivity and awareness of various Black issues and concerns in the hope that it will enlighten and foster a more diverse, informed Vassar community. Membership in the BSU is open to any Vassar student who is strongly committed to the tasks of the organization.

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Gabi Mintz And Sarah Noschese (

The Britomartis Devised Theatre Ensemble is a group of artists who create and perform original works of theatre. Britomartis devises new texts by combining pre-existing source material with original work by its members, with a focus on collaborative, interdisciplinary theatre-making. Britomartis holds open auditions at the beginning of every semester and looks for individuals interested in the creative fusion of acting, writing, directing and design.

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Broadway A Cappella (BAM!)

Sagine Corrielus, Jaylin Remensperger, Raphael Gilliam (

Broadway and More A Capella, affectionately known as BAM!, is Vassar's only Broadway a capella group. Co-ed and entirely student run, the group arranges its own versions of everyone's favorite showtunes. Music styles range from classics like Chicago to modern hits like Rentand You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. While Broadway is certainly at the core of its repertoire, the group arranges and sings any song loosely defined as a "showtune," including Disney songs, movie soundtracks, and TV show themes. Membership by audition; must like sing-a-longs.

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Talya Phelps, Isabel Morrison, Ari Bell (

The Camerata Ensemble is dedicated to providing opportunities for those who wish to perform and hear classical, baroque, and early music in the greater Vassar community. The ensemble is entirely student run and consists of 20 to 40 dedicated singers and instrumentalists who rehearse biweekly during the academic year. Camerata gives one concert a semester in the Martel Recital Hall in Skinner Hall, and also provides opportunity to bring our music out of Skinner. The ensemble performs its own fundraisers on campus and is available to perform for special events on and off campus, such as faculty and school-sponsored events. Camerata is also a resource for schools in the Poughkeepsie area, and hopes to participate as an active member of the Poughkeepsie community.

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Caribbean Students Alliance (CSA)

Stefan Richards (

The Caribbean Students Alliance is an organization established to educate the Vassar community on the different traditional, cultural, social, and political aspects of Caribbean life and people. One of its important functions as a student organization is to serve as a support system by providing a union where Caribbean students can express and celebrate their cultural diversity. Membership in the Caribbean Students Alliance is all inclusive. All members of the Vassar community willing to uphold the CSA constitution are welcome to bear membership and partake in its celebrations and in its endeavors to educate. The CSA will provide the campus with a valuable source of information pertaining to Caribbean issues.

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Catholic Community

Leah Clark, Sam Hoher (

The Catholic Community is a welcoming community which comes together to implement Christ's mission. We join to teach, to evangelize, to accept and to encourage ourselves and others in ongoing spiritual growth. Serving and supporting those within and beyond our community remains a major focus as we recognize that each of us is called to be a witness to God's love in our world.

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President: Shania Harford, Vice-President: Liza Ayres, Secretary: Jana Chiu (

The Vassar Ceramics Clubprovides students with an interest in the clay arts with the means and resources to pursue their work. The club has studio space at Barrett ClayClay Works in downtown Poughkeepsie, which includes access to wheels, tools, and an electric kiln.Students with all skill levels are welcome. Workshops and other events will be held.

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Chabad Jewish Community

Jason Storch, Emily Bender (

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Challah for Hunger

Madeline Ouellette and Miranda Cornell (

Challah for Hunger (CfH) brings people together to bake and sell challah, to raise money and awareness for social justice. Our Vassar chapter bakes Challah every Wednesday afternoon and sells in the College Center each Thursday. Each sale helps us support international and local causes. We always welcome volunteers, so please come join us! And email us if you would like to get involved!

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Co-Presidents: Natalie Kopke & Daria Egorova (

CHOICE stands for Campus Health Organization for Information, Contraception, and Education. Our mission is to educate the campus about sexual health issues by distributing information about pregnancy, STIs, and contraception and to help to promote safer sex by providing free condoms, latex gloves, dental dams, and lubricant. We believe that safer sex and sexual health education are integral to creating a sexually healthy and informed student body here at Vassar. Email to order safer sex supplies (please include your mailbox number) and to confidentially ask questions. Meetings are held every Sunday in the LGBTQ center at 7pm. CHOICE is a confidential and nonjudgmental organization. Check out our Facebook page - Choice at Vassar - for more updates and a list of the safer sex supplies that we offer.

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Christian Fellowship

Jessica Rood & Gloria Park (

The Vassar Christian Fellowship is affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a student movement active at universities and colleges across the United States. The purposes of the Fellowship are to meet the needs of the Christian community, to provide members of the Christian community with an opportunity for fellowship and spiritual growth, and to inform the Vassar community of the Gospel of Jesus. Membership is open to all Vassar students regardless of race, color, sex, ethnicity, nationality, political or sexual orientation, marital status, or handicap, and to non-Vassar students at the discretion of the leaders. The group's major activities include a book table at least once a semester in the College Center with free Christian books, pamphlets, and information, and the sponsoring of informative and relevant concerts, speakers, films, or discussions.

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College Democrats

Conor Flanagan (

Vassar College Democrats serves as a conduit for our institution's student body into democratic advocacy and political activism. While we engage in weekly discussions on pertinent political and philosophical issues, our organization focuses on an immersion in our electoral system. This ranges from Get-Out-The-Vote operations to involvement in local and national campaigns to lobbying on behalf of key issues, such as Women's Rights and LGBTQ equality. Although Vassar College Democrats does work closely with party-affiliated organizations such as College Democrats of New York, College Democrats of America and the Democratic National Committee, we do not operate strictly along a party agenda. Rather, we endorse a moderate and pragmatic approach to politics with an appreciation towards independent thought.

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Comedy Normative

Christian Uriostegui (

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Ellie Winter (

Contrast: The Vassar College Style Magazine was founded in the spring of 2007 as the college's first and only fashion-related publication. We are completely student run, and manage all aspects of the magazine. Contrast was founded in order to give students a creative outlet to express and explore the different aspects of fashion and style both on campus and off. We believe that fashion is a viable and valuable creative expression, and our mission is to reflect this in our publication. We strive to celebrate all aspects of style within the Vassar community while simultaneously incorporating the outside world. While our emphasis was initially on fashion, we also explore trends within music, the visual arts, and architecture as well.

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Council of Black Seniors (CBS)

Yasani Spencer (

The Council of Black Seniors (CBS) is an organization for preprofessional services and social and cultural events that reflect the diversity of the senior class. The preprofessional component of CBS includes career fairs, workshops, seminars, on-campus interviewing and other events of this nature that focus specifically, but not exclusively, on the needs of Black seniors. These services are garnered to prepare the Black senior for leaving Vassar and entering the work force. The social and cultural component focuses on alternative programming designed to offer more diversity to the senior week proceedings. This programming consists primarily of the Baccalaureate Service and the Kente Cloth Ceremony.

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Debate Society

Antony Manokhin and Ria Altman (

When not promoting engaging and provocative conversation on campus, the Vassar Debate Society competes against the most prestigious universities in the country in tournaments throughout the Northeast. Vassar is a member of the American Parliamentary Debate Association, whose debate format is modeled loosely on British Parliamentary Debate, which is born from the decorum of the UK parliament. This type of debate focuses on argument and rhetoric rather than time-consuming research, allowing participants the opportunity to debate practically anything under the sun from pop-culture to serious public policy. The Debate Society also hosts an annual debate between the Vassar Democrats and the Moderate Independent Conservative Alliance, assists a local high school's debate club, hosts both annual inter-collegiate and intra-mural debate tournaments, and leaves its door open during practice for anyone who wants to practice their public speaking skills.

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Democracy Matters

Samuel Beckenhauer, Chris Clark (

Democracy Matters is a non-partisan, non-profit, national organization that strives to reinvigorate and further democratize our American political system. As members of Democracy Matters, we strive to make politicians more accountable to the people by getting big money out of politics. The Vassar Chapter of Democracy Matters is particularly committed to meaningful campaign finance reform to ensure that all Americans, regardless of wealth, have an audible voice in our political system and that viable political candidates are not discouraged from running because they do not have sufficient access to wealth. Democracy Matters works to inform the general student body and the broader Poughkeepsie community about the downfalls of the current campaign finance system and how to rectify them, planning educational campaigns and events, leading rallies, and talking to high school students, civic organizations, and others about bettering our democracy.

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Episcopal Church of Vassar College (ECVC)

JD Nichols (

ECVC is the Episcopal Church at Vassar College, an organization committed to exploring the Christian faith in a comprehensive and thoughtful manner. ECVC offers all students, faculty, and others a Christian community with which to grow, and to seek, love, and serve God. Although the organization is particularly suited to adherents of the Episcopal Church and associated denominations, e.g., Lutherans (ELCA), it is integrally shaped by its present and former members who belong to various other denominations, or none.

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Equestrian Team

Caroline Coleman, Becky Whittaker, Layla Yuro, Phebe Warren (

The Vassar College Equestrian Team offers competitive English riding at the intercollegiate level to any member of the Vassar student population. It maintains a membership in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) and competes both semesters of the college season. Students are trained by the Southerlands Foundation and ride weekly in group lessons as well as riding as a club both semesters. The group also hosts/cohosts an IHSA horse show every year or so. Members are expected to pay their own expenses but limited financial assistance is available in addition to the fundraising the group does to offset costs. Although Equestrian Team is a student-run club sport, we do have a coach and as one member puts it: "We are not a recreational sport! We train weekly and compete regularly! We're also now one of the largest club sports!" Well said.

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Feminist Alliance

Elsa Stoff (

Feminist Alliance works to provide a space for discussion, organization, collaboration, and activism regarding issues of feminism, gender, patriarchy, kyriarchy, and all forms of oppression. We are an activist space, providing a forum for discussion of ways to pursue feminist issues both on- and off-campus as well as raise consciousness within the student body. Feminist Alliance consists of a group of individuals with diverse and sometimes conflicting viewpoints. We strive to provide a receptive and respectful space for any individual devoted to ending sex- or gender-based oppression.

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Forum for Political Thought

Shiqi Lin (

The Vassar College Forum for Political Thought serves the purpose of providing the Vassar community with a space for discussing and learning about politics outside of dominant Democrat vs. Republican or liberal vs. conservative ways of thinking. We aim to explore political topics from a variety of perspectives in a casual and non-intimidating environment. While other political student organizations focus on political activism and affiliate themselves with established parties or groups, we seek to foster uninhibited political discourse that engages a wide political spectrum. We share the conviction that political thought should serve as a theoretical compass to give direction to our understanding of the issues that face our society.

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French Club

Matthew McCardwell (

The Vassar French Club is primarily a culture club, and though students interested in improving their French will have the opportunity to practice with native francophone students, speaking ability is not necessary. Members of the French Club gather to prepare and enjoy French meals, raise funds by cooking and selling crepes, host French dinner and dessert banquets for the whole campus, transform the Mug into a discothèque for Europop Mug Night, attend delicious francophone-themed dinners hosted by West Point's French Club, and travel together to Virginia for the VCU French Film Festival. The club works closely with Vassar's French Department, and professors are often involved in events, such as the annual cheese tasting. New events planned for this year include a trip to New York City to enjoy French art and film and a campus-wide Mardi Gras bash.

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Future Waitstaff of America (FWA)

John Rezes (President), Becky Wilson (Vice President), Danny Young (Buildings & Spaces Manager), Anisa Threlkeld (Secretary), Whitney Brady (Technical Director), Michael Oosterhout (Music Director), Liz Griesmer (Treasurer) (

Future Waitstaff of America is the campus's first and only theater group devoted entirely to Musical Theater. Founded in the fall of 2005, this group produces one or two shows each semester in addition to a cabaret fundraiser. Past productions have included BATBOY, SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD, THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE, ASSASSINS, BARE, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, GODSPELL, THE FULL MONTY, THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE, THE LAST FIVE YEARS, YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN, THE WILD PARTY, THE FANTASTICKS, REEFER MADNESS, SHE LOVES ME, ALTAR BOYZ, HAIR, and INTO THE WOODS. All of the productions are completely student-run, so there are many opportunities to get involved both onstage and off, whether you like to act, sing, dance, direct, design, stage manage, be a backstage technician (techie), etc.! There's a place for everyone in an FWA show and new members are always welcome. If you love crazy musicals, great people, and lots of fun, join FWA today!

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Jenna Lang, Mikayla Mason (

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Grassroots Alliance for Alternative Politics

Caitlin Munchick (

GAAP is an assemblage of activists dedicated to working outside traditional social, political, and economic structures to create positive change in our intersecting communities. GAAP seeks to create a platform for launching campaigns, holding events, facilitating involvement, and discussion and action. We adhere to the values of grassroots democracy, social justice, respect for diversity, feminism, personal and global responsibility, and an active process of self-reflection. We work with on and off-campus organizations, and are always agitating, educating, and organizing. We welcome new members and energy.

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Habitat for Humanity

Emily Platt and Dushyant Naresh (

This organization's purpose is to pursue the goals of the Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Chapter Program: to help educate the campus and community about the work of Habitat for Humanity, to help build and rehabilitate houses in partnership with the Habitat for Humanity affiliates in the Hudson Valley and other areas, and to help raise funds and contribute monies for the work of Habitat and other charitable causes (on an infrequent basis). The chapter also seeks to encourage interaction between diverse cross sections of the Vassar community. Anyone interested in participating in Habitat's projects, registered students and their families, is welcome to become a member of the chapter. Although Habitat for Humanity International is an ecumenical Christian group, no discrimination is made on the basis of religion or lack thereof. Members of all faiths are welcomed and all efforts are made to accommodate them and their beliefs.

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Happily Ever Laughter (HEL)

James Pedersen, Ivy Green (

Happily Ever Laughter (abbrev’d to HEL) is a sketch comedy group founded in 1993. HEL holds two full-scale sketch comedy revues each semester, totaling four big productions a year. These shows are written, directed, produced, marketed and performed by the members of HEL. Membership to HEL is through an audition process held at the beginning of each academic year. HEL members have gone on to pursue careers in comedy at such fixtures as The Second City, iO, the Upright Citizens Brigade, SpikeTV, The People's Improv Theater, and many others. HEL alums form a network and family of TV writers, actors and comedians across the country.

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Hip Hop 101

Dakota Snellgrove, Adam Westerman, Ayela Faruqui (

Hip Hop 101 is a group dedicated to honoring the foundation of hip hop. Through all four founding elements we strive to bring the Vassar community and the Poughkeepsie community together using a universal language. Peace, love, and having fun.

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Home Brewed

Nicole Howell, Ryan Eykholt (

Matthew's Minstrels is a co-ed a cappella group that was founded in 1978 and has since provided Vassar with 35 years of fun music. The Minstrels sing a wide variety of music ranging from 50s doo-wop to jazz to your favorite tunes of the 80s, 90s and today! The group performs two major concerts each year on campus and are frequently invited to perform off campus for various schools and organizations. They also do shows for dorm study breaks and special events upon request. Renowned for interspersing splices of humor in their music making, Matthew's Minstrels is a highly entertaining and popular group. Quoting a fan, "There's just no one like the Minstrels!" Audition is required for memberships.

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Hunger Action

Lily Kitfield, Laura Wigginton (

Vassar's egalitarian chapter of the national organization Hunger Action Committee strives to alleviate hunger and homelessness. We cook and distribute meals on a regular basis at local soup kitchens and shelters such as the Lunchbox at the Family Partnership Center and the kitchen at Beulah Baptist Church. Through food and conversation, we seek to make personal connections with members of the Poughkeepsie community. We collect and distribute food, clothing, and toiletries to members of the working and homeless populations of Poughkeepsie and New York City several times a semester. In addition, we fundraise and hold events to increase awareness and to advise how to combat local and global hunger and poverty.

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Mariah Ghant (

HYPE is an all-inclusive, dynamic, and energetic dance crew that is dedicated to creating a space on Vassar's campus for hip-hop dancing. Dancing is one of the four elements of hip-hop and HYPE wishes to use the creative and artistic talents of its members to represent this element. Though there are other organizations on campus devoted to representing hip-hop in its entirety, as well as the art of dance, Hype focuses on creating, learning, and teaching hip-hop choreography as a collaborative effort and as a form of expression and entertainment.

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Sydney Lee, Lee Anne Meeks (

Idlewild Theatre Ensemble is a collaborative, non-hierarchical, all-female group of theater-makers (actors, directors, designers). Founded in 2007, the ensemble aims to present the Vassar campus with works by and about women. In the fall, the ensemble produces a small theatrical event which is often open to all students by audition. During the spring semester Idlewild produces one full-length play. When not rehearsing for a play we meet at least once a week, and during rehearsal periods we meet four to six times a week. Auditions for the ensemble are held at the beginning of the spring term.

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Carinn Candelaria and Albert Muzquiz (

Vassar Improv is an improvisational comedy troupe whose sole and never-ending mission is to bring laughter and good cheer to an otherwise dull and listless world. Founded in 1908 by John Adams, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Harry Belafonte, Improv's first show was held in the deserted town of Roanoke; to their dismay, no one attended. From humble beginnings, Improv has blossomed into a well-loved and popular entertainment conglomerate. Improv performs consistently on campus, each semester, and often takes their show on the road to neighboring colleges and universities. Membership to Improv is by audition only, at the beginning of every academic year. They utilize both short- and long-form improv styles in their shows.

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Indecent Exposure

Elizabeth Snyderman, Melanie Donnelly (

Indecent Exposure is Vassar's best all female comedy troupe. Founded in 2004 by Heather Trobe, the group was created in response to a very serious lack of female comedians. Not only does it provide a space for women comedians to come together and share ideas, but also to create smart, unusual, innovative, and hilarious shows. Performing two sketch shows a year as well as a smattering of stand up and community collaborations, IE is a busy group consistently laughing in the face of the myth that 'women aren't funny'.

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Knights of Commuknitty

Haniya Habib (

Knights of Commuknitty is Vassar's knitting group. We gather once a week to enjoy each other's company while we work on our own projects or items to be donated to local charitable organizations. If you can't knit, it's no problem. We'd be happy to teach you. Just stop by and say hello!

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The Limit

Meghan McDonell; Abi Kohn (

We write the things on the papers and then memorize the things and then we say the things and if we wrote and said the things well the people in the seats laugh at the things and then we feel really really good about the things we do and the beautiful adults into which we have blossomed.

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Kevin Lee, Kelly Yu, Ashley Kim, Paul An, Sandy Jiang (

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Mahagonny Ensemble

Jaylin Remensperger Alex Bartholomew (

The Mahagonny Ensemble is a completely student-run choral and instrumental group focusing on contemporary music. Our goal is to give Vassar musicians the opportunity to perform important music of the last 100 years and to do so in a comfortable environment of peers. We have recently performed works by Stravinsky, Copland, Schoenberg, Poulenc, Britten, Carter, Ligeti, Rzewski, and Reich. The ensemble also commissions new works from student composers and Vassar graduates, giving them practical experience and valuable recordings. Rehearsals do not conflict with department ensembles and are limited to once a week. Come see what music is up to today!

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Measure 4 Measure

Jade Wong-Baxter (

Measure 4 Measure is one of Vassar's all-female a cappella groups. It was started in 1981 by a few of the Vassar Night Owls. The two groups are still in operation, though in recognition of their common past, they try to maintain good relations. Each semester, M4M has at least one concert but in the past has had two in the last school semester. They usually invite other schools to sing at these functions and are themselves often invited to other schools to sing. M4M has a tradition of singing contemporary music, and their repertoire contains songs that are intricately arranged. That is one of their trademarks. They sing often and well and are occasionally paid to do so. Membership is by audition.

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Merely Players

Max Fine (President) (

Merely Players facilitates the production of classical theater and Shakespeare (or works derived from these traditions) at Vassar College. Usually we have 1-2 full length classical shows a year, plus many special events and smaller productions that anyone is invited to audition for. We believe Merely Players should be foremost a teaching organization - not only putting on great theater but teaching those involved the intricacies of the discipline through the classics.

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Miscellany News

Rhys Johnson (

Founded in 1866, the Miscellany News is Vassar's weekly newspaper of record. As the oldest student publication at the college, the Miscellany appreciates contributions from all members of the college community - students, administrators, faculty, alumnae/i, and trustees. Its purpose is to inform them of news, art, and sports in and around the college in a timely and complete manner; it also serves as an open forum for public dialogue on important issues pertaining to the community and world. Any student within the Vassar community may serve on the staff of the paper as long as s/he attends weekly writer's meetings and fulfills the obligations of a staff writer as defined in the newspaper's bylaws. The Editorial Board meets every week for an open paper critique and welcomes the community's comments at this time. Please visit for daily updates on campus news or to find out more about how to join the staff of the Miscellany.

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Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlán (MEChA)

Jessica Cervantes, Yesenia Perez, Adriel Alfaro, Juanita Herrera, Prisilla Preciado, Giselle Sanchez Huerta, Cristian Ventura, Jonathan Rodriguez, Amisdai Licea, Karla Acosta, Amber Dean, Diana Guerra, Italo Calderon (

As the official Chicano/a voice of Vassar, MEChA seeks to create a sense of community and security for Chicano/a students on campus. The organization strives to fairly represent and reclaim their ethnic identity while increasing campus-wide consciousness of the social and political issues that have kept their people oppressed. Members are committed to joining the movement towards self-determination for the purpose of liberating Aztlán, the birthplace of nuestra gente. Membership is open to all Vassar students who share the values and interests of the organization, regardless of race and/or ethnicity.

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Multiracial-Biracial Student Association

Sara Goldberg (

The goal of the Multiracial/Biracial Student Association is to create a sense of community for student of mixed heritage on Vassar's Campus. We aim to raise awareness of the social, political, and cultural issues that multiracial students are faced with. We're open to all students who are dedicated to learning more about the multiracial experience. Acknowledging how our experience differs from the experience of other racial/ethnic minority groups already represented on campus, we provide a safe space for multiracial voices to be heard.

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Night Owls

Brianna Lear and Jacqui Anders (

The Night Owls are the nation's oldest continuing all-female a cappella group. They were founded in the 1940s when a plague quarantined students to their dorm rooms. A few brave women, dressed in all black, snuck out of their dorms and met in the basement of the library to serenade their ailing classmates. Following in tradition, the Night Owls now dress in all black for each performance to commemorate this charter group of women. The group performs a variety of music ranging from classic jazz to '90s dance songs and host concerts throughout the year, culminating in a final concert. In addition to their own on-campus concerts, the Night Owls also travel to perform off-campus and host other a cappella groups at Vassar. They were invited to sing at both of Bill Clinton's inaugurations. They are quite a spectacular group with a rich history. Membership is by audition.

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No Offense

Albert Muzquiz (President), Carinn Candelaria (Fall Vice President), Mark Lawson (Spring Vice President) (

No Offense, Vassar's first and oldest sketch comedy group, was founded in 1988 by a group of students seeking an outlet for writing and performing comedy while wearing fake facial hair. We write, perform, and produce four full-length sketch and video shows per year. Group membership is by audition only. We still love a good stick-on mustache.

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No Such Organization (NSO)

Ezekiel Maben, Bridget Claiflin (

The No Such Organization (NSO) is an all-around sci-fi/fantasy/comic book/ video game/anime/etc. fan's organization. Members host events such as TV show nights (which can range from anime to Doctor Who to Star Trek) and gaming weekends. Every year the NSO hosts several campus-wide events, including our very own production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and No Such Convention, a three day comics and gaming convention held on Vassar campus. The NSO includes members of every geekdom and fandom, and is happy to share their enthusiasm!

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On Tap

Emma Butensky (Spring) and Megan Jackson (all year) (

On Tap is Vassar's one and only tap dance group, founded in 2008. We work with all different styles of tap dance and do a performance once a semester, consisting of original works and old tap standards. We welcome anyone who has the desire to tap to come join us!

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Outing Club

Hailey Steichen, Hubert Szczygiel, Maryam Norton (

The Outing Club is Vassar's connection to the great outdoors. Members receive a weekly email containing all the trips and events happening that week, and sign up as they please. There is no minimum commitment required; each member determines how active he or she will be. The Outing Club aims to stimulate participation in and appreciation for the outdoors; to promote low-impact usage of the outdoors; to provide trained, reliable, and safe outdoor leadership for the community; to provide specialized outdoor equipment and knowledge to the community, and to do all of this without financial discrimination. Activitiesinclude backpacking, hiking, and mountain climbing in the scenic Hudson Valley area and beyond, rock climbing in the 'Gunks,' cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, whitewater rafting, and skydiving. Extended overnight trips run during October and Spring Breaks. The Outing Club emphasizes that all activities are open to any member of the Vassar community. All outdoor activities have trained leaders assigned to see to all the logistics of the activity, as well as to ensure the safety of the group. Any member of the community may train to be a leader. To receive the weekly email, become a leader, or pose any questions regarding the club, please contact the above name.

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President: Hope Challenger, Vice President: Emmett O'Malley (

P.E.A.C.E (Promoting Equality and Community Everywhere) works to fulfill its name by making connections between diverse local groups. On Friday afternoons, Vassar students go to an elementary school either in the Poughkeepsie or Arlington school district to mentor second graders, helping them write a pen pal letter to a peer at their neighboring school. At the end of the year, during exam week, all of the second graders come to Vassar for P.E.A.C.E day. On P.E.A.C.E day, the children meet their pen pal, do tolerance-building activities, have a picnic, and see a performance. Through the pen-pal correspondence and P.E.A.C.E day we strive to celebrate commonalities, establish relationships, promote understanding, and build awareness and knowledge of differences.

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Landry Levine (

Founded in 1865 as Vassar's first extracurricular organization, the Philaletheis Society now provides the Vassar theater community with an opportunity to produce plays of all varieties. Philaletheis typically produces three to five full-length productions each semester, in addition to directing workshops and special events. Philaletheis offers students interested in acting, directing, and technical theater with an opportunity to learn and hone their craft. Membership is open to all undergraduate students of Vassar College.

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Zoe Lemelson (

PHOCUS, Vassar's photography club, provides valuable resources to photographers and photography enthusiasts in the Vassar community. Whether you're an experienced photographer or new to the field, PHOCUS will provide you access to cameras and a fully equipped darkroom. We also hold workshops throughout the year, for students who are interested in learning more about their cameras or the dark room process. In addition, we have a website, which provides students numerous photography resources and the opportunity to share their photos.

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Poder Latinx

Roger Vera, Dimaris Santos (

Poder Latin@ is an organization founded to address the needs and concerns of Vassar's Latin@ community and to serve as a support group and a political action group. Its purpose is to promote communication and understanding between the members of Poder Latin@ and the other members of the Vassar community through forums, lectures, and other social events. It also serves to create a network between Poder Latin@ and other Latin@ communities, particularly in the local area, in order to provide strength and support in dealing with Latin@ issues. All members of the Vassar community are eligible to become members of Poder Latin@. Particular effort is made to recruit Vassar Latin@ students, for whom the group is founded. Full membership in Poder Latin@, as in any serious organization, is contingent upon regular attendance at meetings and other active forms of support.

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Sammy Augenbraun (

ProHealth works to fundraise and raise awareness for local and global public health care causes. This year we're working closely with Partners in Health, to support maternal health in Haiti and 4 sites in Africa; Planned Parenthood, to host free HIV testing on campus and reduce the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS, as well as to educate students about the issue; and with the Catherine Street Community Center, a Poughkeepsie clinic treating HIV/AIDS patients that we fundraise for and volunteer our time to. During our meetings we discuss and reflect upon local, national, and global public health issues. All members share a passion for helping others. While some are pre-med, all majors are equally welcome!

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Queer Coalition of Vassar College (QCVC)

Rishi Guné, President; Yasani Spencer, Secretary (

Queer Coalition of Vassar College exists to help various projects by and for Vassar's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ), and allied students. We use the word "queer" to recognize and affirm a plurality of sex, sexuality, and gender difference. Queer Briefs, a monthly newsletter, keeps us (through our bathroom stalls) aware of queer stuff on campus. First Step provides a confidential discussion group for students discovering new dimensions of their sexuality.

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Quest Scholars Chapter of Vassar College

Harmony Reid (

Quest Scholars is an organization primarily for those who applied to Vassar via QuestBridge, but anyone is welcome to join. We host various events and workshops throughout the year with the aim of providing support for low-income students.

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Rainah Umlauf, Alex Muccio, Hannah Mittman, Rebecca Odell (

The ButterBeer Brewers represent Vassar annually in the Intercollegiate Quidditch World Cup, as well as participating in and hosting other tournaments/events throughout the season. Founded in 2007, Vassar's team has already established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of broomsticks and bludgers. Quidditch, adapted to land from JK Rowling's fantastical wizarding sport, requires players of various positions to send quaffles through elevated hoops, peg each other with bludgers, fly, tackle, and of course, snatch the snitch. Open to all with an imagination, sense of humor, and thirst for competition! Athleticism not required.

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Relay For Life

Aron Sulovari ()

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Robin Piatt-Stegman (

RunVassar is an opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle through exercise, and encourages goal-setting and consistency for runners of all levels. Whether you are an experienced runner or a complete beginner, our weekly group runs are welcome to all in the Vassar and local community. We guarantee that no one will be left behind during a group run. We also have numerous resources for runners, co-sponsor the annual Halloween Fun Run and host the annual Founder's Day Fun Run. Visit us online at!

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Sailing Team

Peter Eccles (

The Sailing Team at Vassar is open to all students and includes a large range of skill levels. There are Learn-to-Sail clinics on land and on the water. There is also the opportunity to compete in many Mid-Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association races throughout the fall and spring. The club has a boathouse on the Hudson River with three 420s and a Laser. Transportation and equipment are provided and paid for by the club. All amounts of experience are welcome and encouraged, but swimming proficiency is required.

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Shakespeare Troupe

Elizabeth Fetterolf, Landry Levine (

The Shakespeare Troupe is an ensemble of 10-15 actors, designers, and directors who produce one play from Shakespeare's canon every spring semester in an outdoor setting. We strive to constantly challenge ourselves as artists, as well as always questioning and changing the approach to and understanding of Shakespeare on the Vassar campus.

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Ski Team

Joseph More, Gabrielle Pollack (

Ski Team organizes competitive ski racing for the students of Vassar College. It is our fervent belief that ski racing, due to its prodigious cost, is chiefly a pastime of the elite. These elites perpetuate the capitalist superstructures that preserve our low socioeconomic status. To combat the unyielding class homogeneity inherent in ski culture, we, the proletariat, secure funds and disperse them freely to help the common, working-class Vassar students (as well as their capitalist overlord fellow students) to participate in and to subvert a principle bastion of neocolonial patriarchy - ski racing. As a competitive club we are members of the National Collegiate Skiing Association (NCSA) and race in the MacBride Division. The team is competitive, although no race experience is necessary to join.

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Slow Food

Fiona Harbert, Lydia Gold (

Slow Food Vassar encourages genuine interest in all aspects of food - from production to consumption - within the Vassar community. We strive to link people with their local food supply and challenge current knowledge of the food we eat by exploring the relationship between food, the consumer, and the producer from global to local connections. We are committed to advocating good, clean, and fair food in a way that is adaptable and accessible to Vassar students and providing a space for dialogue concerning all aspects of food. Through encouraging an appreciation for the importance of food in our daily lives and involvement with the local sustainable food community we work to promote quality, locally produced food on our campus and in the Poughkeepsie area. We believe that food traditions should be preserved, food cultures should be celebrated, and the food we eat should reflect the values we believe in.

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South Asian Students Alliance (SASA)

Dushyant Naresh, Sheharyar Imran (

The South Asian Students Alliance is an organization established to meet the needs and concerns of the South Asian community at Vassar College. Its goal is to provide a forum for students in which issues of cultural, political, religious, and ethnic relevance are discussed and dealt with. Furthermore, it seeks to inject a South Asian component into the academic curriculum of Vassar College. It unifies the students of South Asian descent and at the same time provides the Vassar community with an insight into and understanding of issues of South Asian culture and politics. Membership in SASA is voluntary and open to all Vassar students.

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Southeast Asian Students Alliance (SEASA)

Michael Kim (

The Southeast Asian Students Alliance is an organization that provides a campus venue for non-judgemental learning and cultural exploration of Southeast Asia, its constituent countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and East Timor) and the respective identities contained therein. As an organization that serves to represent Southeast Asia which is, in itself, a diverse and heterogenous region, SEASA seeks to both complicate and celebrate conceptions of Southeast Asian identity by facilitating student exploration of Southeast Asian cultures, giving specific heed to the many geo-political, sociological, and economic factors. Membership is open to all members of the Vassar community.

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Morgan Williams (

Squirm is a submissions-based magazine about sex and sexuality. Squirm seeks to create a sex-positive forum on campus for the artistic, literary, and creative exploration of sex. All members of the Vassar community are welcome and encouraged to submit artwork, photography, and written work to Squirm.

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Students' Class Issues Alliance

Sophia Burns (

Students' Class Issues Alliance (SCIA) seeks to provide a space not found elsewhere on campus in which students can comfortably discuss issues of socio-economic class at Vassar and in the larger community. Through monthly discussion dinners, workshops, and speakers, SCIA addresses how we talk about class in our academics and how we practice these theories in our everyday lives. SCIA recognizes that those in the Vassar community come from many different class backgrounds and seeks to address any issues resulting from this.

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Iced Brew

Samantha van Leer and Julia Wohlforth (

Iced Brew is Vassar's synchronized ice skating team, coached by Deirdre Bonnano. We compete at the sectional level against other college teams. Besides competitions, Iced Brew also sponsors events open to all of the Vassar campus, including open skating, exhibitions, and learn-to-skate lessons. The team is open to all Vassar students, no experience necessary.

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The Listening Center (TLC)

Leah Weingast, Maxim Jahns, Isabella Chirico (

The TLC listeners are a group of trained peer counselors committed to providing anonymous, non-judgmental, and confidential peer listening to the student body. The TLC hotline is available 24/7. Our peer counselors are trained by Vassar's Counseling Services and the Office of Health Education as well as select professionals in the Poughkeepsie area. We are trained to serve the Vassar Community and handle a variety of issues including, but not limited to: academic stress, crisis management, depression and anxiety, loss, relationships, and identity concerns. We also offer information and referrals to other on and off-campus resources.

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Together Opposing Neglect and Child Abuse (TONCA)


Together Opposing Neglect and Child Abuse (TONCA), formally known as I Won't Grow Up Day (IWGUD), is an on-campus organization devoted to increasing awareness of child abuse, raising money for the Child Abuse Prevention Center of Poughkeepsie through the event IWGUD, and providing on-campus activities with a childhood focus. IWGUD, our founding event, was created by Dr. Julie Riess (class of '87), and it remains our primary purpose/goal on campus. Dr. Riess, the director of Wimpfheimer Nursery School and associate professor of psychology, sought to bridge the gap between Vassar College and its surrounding community. TONCA continues this mission on a broader scale.

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Chris Rodriguez, Lyn Young (

TransMission is an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the transgender, intersex and gender nonconforming people of the larger Vassar community. TransMission seeks to create a space inclusive of all transgender, intersex and gender non-conforming people, to build solidarity with other groups to address gender-based discrimination and violence, to create a platform for all transgender, intersex and gender nonconforming students to ensure their voices are heard, and to educate others on the issues that transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming people face at Vassar and abroad, with hopes to encourage advocacy and foster understanding.

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Ultimate Frisbee

Céleste Royo, Olivia Michalak, Drew Leventhal, Ezra Orlinsky (

Ultimate Frisbee is one of Vassar's club sports. Both the men's and women's teams are entirely student run. Despite the lack of varsity status, they represent Vassar at the regional, national, and international level. The purpose of Ultimate Frisbee is to recruit and train its members with the goals of having fun, exercising good sportsmanship, and maintaining high levels of competition. They practice often and compete throughout both fall and spring semesters. They also host an annual home tournament at Vassar with other Frisbee teams from the East Coast in attendance.

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Elizabeth Snyderman (

Unbound is Vassar's only theater group devoted solely to experimental theater. We are interested in producing theater that does not fit the mold of typical Vassar productions. We are a collaborative, non-hierarchical group. Founded in 1996 as a political theater group, Unbound has expanded its focus to include all forms of alternative performance. We are the parental organization to Inktank, Vassar's playwriting collective.

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Kelsey Quinn, Emily Lerman, Dushyant Naresh (

UNICEF at Vassar is an organization dedicated to raising awareness on campus about the issues that currently affect thousands of children around the world, the actions UNICEF takes to help, and the ways in which the Vassar community can contribute.

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Unitarian Universalists

Charlotte Varcoe-Wolfson (

Unitarian Universalism (UU) is a liberal, noncreedal religious tradition that values the inherent worth and dignity of ALL people. With this in mind, Vassar's UU group seeks to explore spirituality, discuss social issues, and build a safe, welcoming community. Students run weekly worships and discussions, and some participate in services at the Poughkeepsie UU Fellowship. All students are welcome, regardless of previous knowledge of or involvement with UUism.

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Vass Shakers

Rebecca Starble (

Vass shakers is a non-audtion based dance ensemble on campus! We welcome anyone and everyone on campus to come shake it with us! All of our pieces are student choreographed and we do one big show each semester! Our styles range from jazz, to contemporary, to tap, to whatever the choreographers are feeling that semester. We have members who have been dancing their whole lives, and members who have never danced before! Come join the fun.

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Vassar Alliance for Women in Foreign Affairs

Laura Wood (

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Vassar Animal Rights Coalition (VARC)

Brooke Thomas (

Kacey Kind

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Vassar Bikes

Ry Blume, Ben Luongo, Nadav Hendel (

Vassar Bikes is dedicated to all human powered machines on two wheels. We spend our time going on all sorts of rides, talking bikes, or just hangin' in the bike shop underneath Strong House. There is mountain bike racing in the fall and mountain and road racing in the spring. It doesn't matter if you like to meander around campus or go on centuries, Vassar Bikes has something to offer everyone on two wheels.

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The Vassar Chronicle

JD Nichols (

The Vassar Chronicle is Vassar's journal of thought and politics. We publish at least twice a semester, and include pieces on everything from campus discourse to international affairs. The Chronicle does not associate with any particular strain of political thought, but rather seeks to publish solid intellectual arguments grounded in serious thought and research. We strive to spark meaningful discussion across Vassar's community of students, alumni, faculty, administrators, and employees.

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Vassar College Business Club

Samuel Hammer and Shawn Master (

Do you want to be a star policy analyst at the State Department? The next Woodward or Bernstein with New York Times, a dapper investment banker at Goldman Sachs, or an entrepreneur with your world-changing iOS/Oculus Rift app? Find out what the cool jobs are and how to get them at Vassar Business Club! We host lectures by professors, alumni panels and talks, networking events and skill workshops (resume, cover letter, interviewing, etc). Come make friends, learn stuff and have fun!

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Vassar College Emergency Medical Services (VCEMS)

Natalie Kopke and Lauren Middleton (

Vassar College Emergency Medical Services provides high-quality, confidential emergency medical care for the Vassar College community during the academic year. VCEMS operates on weeknights from 5pm until 8am, and provides 24-hour coverage from Friday at 5pm until Monday morning at 8am. VCEMS also provides extra coverage during large-scale campus events. The minimum requirement for riding with VCEMS is national CPR/AED certification, but the majority of our members are also NY-certified EMT-Bs.

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Vassar College Entertainment (ViCE)

Olivia Michalak (

We are Vassar College Entertainment, but you can just call us ViCE. ViCE is a student-run organization that conceives of and executes all aspects of both small and large scale events on campus throughout the year. From the creative minds and enthusiasm of students in seven committees come weekly concerts, film screenings, comedy shows, dance parties, as well as major music concerts, all of which reflect the breadth and diversity of Vassar students' entertainment interests. We both honor that diversity, and strive to bring the community together. After all, ViCE is for everyone. WANT TO GET INVOLVED? It's simple. Any and all Vassar students regardless of experience are encouraged and welcome to join any and all of our committees at any point in the year, and your level of commitment is completely up to you. If you're interested in music, publicity, film or any other type of event planning, ViCE is your place to show the campus what you know and love, and get some professional level experience while you're at it. Stop by any of our meetings or email us at with any questions you may have. And remember, ViCE is nice.

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Vassar College Sound System

Drew Leventhal - President, Bevan Whitehead - Equiptment Manager, Shigeru Kaneki & Nick Dynin - Publicity Chairs, Katie Chang & Daniel Choi - Promotion Chairs (

Vassar College Sound System (VCSS) is the face of Vassar electronic dance music on campus. Our members share a passion for techno, house, trap, dubstep and any number of subgenres that are played on dance floors from College Ave to the Mug. We welcome experienced DJs and new EDM enthusiasts alike. Regardless of your background we'll teach you what we know and share with you our favorite music. Throughout the year we hold small meetings to talk about music, feature training sessions for beginners and organize the best parties on campus. Let the bass drop and 'ed banging begin!

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Vassar Conservative Libertarian Union (VCLU)

President (Fall): Allegra Kaufman, President (Spring): Pieter Block, Vice-President (Spring): Allegra Kaufman, Secretary: Pietro S. Geraci, Treasurer: Christopher Kremer, Tertium Quids Editor-in-Chief: Jesse Horowitz (

The Vassar Conservative Libertarian Union (VCLU) is Vassar's only right-of-center political organization and is an official chapter of the national organization Young Americans for Liberty (YAL). Membership is open to all Vassar students committed to the health of conservative, libertarian, and independent thought on campus. To this end, VCLU hosts and sponsors speakers, debates, and other events designed to expand the breadth of Vassar's political dialogue. At weekly meetings, VCLU members actively debate current political and social issues and educate themselves on conservative, libertarian, and independent positions and viewpoints.

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Vassar Devils

Joseph Szymanski (

The Devils, one of three co-ed a cappella groups on campus, are known for their tight harmonies, polished sound, deep arrangements, and infectious sense of fun. Their diverse, constantly growing repertoire includes classic jazz standards, folk favorites, rock ballads, funk jams, and pop gems from the '40s all the way to present day. In addition to performing a number of informal concerts for the Vassar community, every year the Devils hold an annual winter concert and an annual spring concert.

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Vassar Filmmakers

Adam Ninyo (president), Jackson Goldberg (vice President/treasurer), Leon Brill (Vice President/Events planning) (

The Vassar Filmmakers provides students with a chance to produce their own films outside of the Vassar Film Department by providing access to industry standard equipment as well as services, funds, and a talented group of motivated students with a desire to help through production and critique. The Vassar Filmmakers strives to promote and maintain a community of student filmmakers across campus who work together to realize their creative visions. Regular meetings throughout the semester provide a common space for open discussion and feedback on student work as well as analyzing outside work for both inspiration and expanding knowledge. The Vassar Filmmakers also organizes screenings and workshops throughout the school year.

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Vassar FlyPeople

Kerri Bell, Ana Sheehan (

FlyPeople is Vassar's oldest and most diverse student-run dance company. From conception and choreography to final-staged dances, the group prides itself on its diversity of dancers and styles, team collaboration, and performance professionalism. The final product of weekly rehearsals and year-long collaboration are FlyPeople's popular biannual performances at Vassar's own dance theater.

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Vassar Greens

Karen Crook (

The Vassar Greens pursue environmental and social justice through action-based campaigns. We seek to establish an empowering community by building leadership among our members and through meaningful collaboration with other student organizations and the Poughkeepsie community. We emphasize the connection between social justice and environmental sustainability and we strive to pursue consensus-based goals that incorporate multiple perspectives on the issues that our generation is facing. General body meets every week, campaigns meet separately, and new faces are always welcome!

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Vassar Haiti Project (VHP)

Paarul Sinha, Zoe Walker, Shiqi Lin, Kidus Girma (

The Vassar Haiti Project is a volunteer organization committed to supporting education, health and sustainable development in Chermaitre, Haiti, and building connections with Haitian culture and society among students and the surrounding community through art. Our primary method of fundraising comes from the sales of Haitian artwork and crafts, which provide Haitian artists and artisans with an important source of income. We organize educational and fundraising events on and off campus multiple times throughout the year. Members of the project collaborate with partners in Chermaitre to plan and implement development initiatives. The project provides a unique opportunity to get involved with international development and learn about global citizenship. The Vassar Haiti Project is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the U.S.

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Vassar International Students Association (VISA)

Robyn Lin (

Vassar International Student Association is a student-run organization that promotes internationalism by providing a gateway for Vassar students to experience the international diversity that prevails here. Its mission is to address the specific needs of the international community of the college, and integrate the international and American student bodies. VISA hosts various internationally themed events throughout the year to serve this purpose. This organization is open to anyone who feels "international."

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Vassar Jewish Union (VJU)

President: Abby Johnson VP: Sarah Quiat/Josh Schwartz Secretary: Matt Kolbert Treasurer: Shai Karp Shabbat Chair: Henry Rosen Education Chair: Joey More Social Action Chair: Sara Goldberg & Emma Glickman Social Media Chair: Ashley Hoyle Religious Events Chair: Sylvan Perlmutter Social Events Chair: Shira Goldmann/ Sarah Cohn (

The Vassar Jewish Union seeks to serve all Jewish members of the Vassar community regardless of their backgrounds or form of Jewish expression. The VJU does not endorse a partisan view of Jewish life, and encourages expressionof all the facets of Jewish experience in search of an actively diverse Jewish lifeon campus. The VJU's purpose is to teach students about Jewish heritage, Israel, and the variety of Jewish experiences throughout the world; to strengthen the bonds between the Jewish religion and its cultures; to serve as a political voice of Judaism in the Vassar community; to promote political, cultural, and religious dialogue with members of other cultural and religious communities in order to foster communication and understanding; to help enrich the lives of the Vassar community as a whole; and to prepare students for an informed and active participation in the Jewish communities that reside outside of Vassar's gates and those communities they may enter after Vassar. VJU has a base of operations in the Bayit, a house located on Collegeview Avenue near the cemetery. Membership in the VJU is open to all students, and most meetings are open to the public.

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Vassar Muslim Student Union (VMSU)

Victoria Majarali (

The Vassar Muslim Student Union (VMSU) is an organization whose main purposes are to provide a supportive network, space, and community for Muslim students to enhance, maintain, and embody their faith to whatever degree they choose, as well as provide an environment that enables and encourages dialogue of issues pertinent to being Muslim in the 21 st century. In addition, we also aim is to serve the needs of anyone, Muslim or non-Muslim, who is interested in learning more about Islam through the works of VMSU. Please join us as we meet regularly to have conversations about Islam, practice our faith, and plan campus-wide events. Previous events have included student-led panel discussions, discussions with imams, film-screenings, trips to local mosques, interfaith dialogues, Friday (jum'ah) prayers, comedy shows with acclaimed Muslim-American comedian Aman Ali, and Eid dinners. Come and share your experiences, ideas, and knowledge, or just sit back and enjoy an hour with some amazing people!

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Vassar Prison Initiative (VPI)

Kali Tambree (

The Vassar Prison Initiative (VPI) is a non-hierarchical organization committed to raising awareness about issues related to the prison-industrial complex. Our activities include an annual publication, film screenings, book drives, and engagement with local activism. In addition to these initiatives and general education efforts on campus and in our community, the VPI responds to pressing prison-related issues as they arise. We work in conjunction with the academic prison programs on campus and help to support the Prison Reunion hosted on Vassar's campus every spring, which brings together formerly incarcerated people, activists, and Vassar alumnae/i, faculty, and students. It is our hope that through our programming, educational outreach, and activism, we can contribute to the fight for justice for incarcerated people and the decarceration of America.

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Vassar Student Review

Jade Wong-Baxter (

The Vassar Student Review is an organization whose purpose is to serve the needs and expand the creative voice of Vassar's literary community. VSR publishes a literary and arts magazine biannually (once in the fall and another in the spring ) featuring exclusively works by Vassar students. This includes a calendar of writers' events and assorted VSR miscellanea. In addition to these publications, VSR orchestrates events and activities for the enrichment of the Vassar writers' community. Some past events have included regularly scheduled writing workshops, poetry readings, art shares as well as the sponsoring of various relevant speakers brought by other organizations. Membership is open to all.

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Ashley Hoyle, Karen Crook (

Welcome to the Vassar College yearbook! Our student-run organization is primarily self-funded and provides a service to the school in the publication of an annual. The sections of this year's book are: Student Life, Academics, Seniors, Organizations, Athletics, and Community. The Community section is our endeavor to sell ads to students, parents, faculty, administration and community businesses. The funds will be allotted for the partial payment of this year's book. Any interested Vassar student is eligible to be on the yearbook staff! According to their interest and skills, students working for the yearbook will be exposed to various facets of running a publication. Positions in this year's book include: Editorial, Photography, Graphic Design, Web, Social Media, Publicity, Communications, Events Planning, Advertising, Sales, and Treasury. We are particularly looking for reliable students who are passionate about publications, visual arts and communications. Previous experience in Adobe Photoshop is a plus.

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Sally Roberts, Gabe Kawugule, Grace Gregory, Christa Haryanto (

The Vastards are a fun-loving, extra-loud, co-ed a cappella group that gets an almost embarrassing amount of pleasure from a good harmony. They sing all the songs you loved in middle school, or at least the songs you loved to hate. They enjoy long walks on the beach, sunsets, and kittens.

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Ry Blume, Lisset Magdelano (

VCPUNX is a do-it-yourself music and booking collective formed in the fall of 2008 that caters to fans of the underrepresented genres of extreme music such as punk, hardcore, metal, grind, thrash, drone, etc. Members meet on a weekly basis to work together on organizing and hosting concerts featuring both student and non-campus bands in order to foster a community for extreme music. Events incorporate do-it-yourself ethics and low-tech production in order to place emphasis on the live musical experience.

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Kyle Walters (

VCTV is Vassar's first student led production group! VCTV was created so that Vassar students could participate in film production and simply be a part of a group of students who love to make films, shorts, and everything in between. We aim to provide students with the opportunity to be part of an on campus production group consisting of two branches: the Series and 2U. Together, VCTV and VCTV 2U aim to provide a wealth of video content that spans a variety of genres with emphasis on production value, development, and creativity. VCTV ensures that members engage in a hands-on learning experience about film production, grow as artists, and showcase original works at screenings both on and off campus! Membership is open to all, allowing both majors and non-majors to explore the filmmaking craft.

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Mariah Ghant and Imani Russell (

Woodshed is a student-run collaborative theater ensemble that strives to use the skills of each of its members to generate thought-provoking, full-length productions. Ensemble members are highly encouraged to explore new avenues as well as pursue their pre-existing theatrical interests during their time in Woodshed. A group that fluctuates each semester, Woodshed's productions have ranged from Shakespearean comedies to contemporary dramas, with members experimenting with various roles: as designers, directors, dramaturgs, and actors. Woodshed is a non-hierarchical organization and values the voice of each of its members. We hold two-hour rehearsals, usually four or five days a week, and auditions at the beginning of every spring semester; students of all experience levels are encouraged to audition.

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Kim Carlson, Royal Scales, Rosa Bozhkov, Emmett Weiss, Brandon Small, Olivia Dontsov, Vanessa Rosensweet (

Wordsmiths is Vassar's best-looking campus organization and a premier promoter of poetry- both page and spoken word- on campus. We host open mics and facilitate a weekly writing workshop on campus. Members of our organization compete in poetry slams both regionally and nationally. In addition, we enrich the campus community with guest speakers and spoken word performers.

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Ivy Green and Asprey Liu (

The FM radio station of Vassar College known as 91.3 WVKR FM is a noncommercial, educational, student-operated broadcast facility licensed to the trustees of the college and serving the Poughkeepsie community as required by the Federal Communications Act of 1934 and all subsequent revisions thereof. In addition to operating as legally obligated under federal law, it shall be the objective of this organization to educate, entertain, and involve the members of the Vassar community in the maintenance and operation of this FM broadcast station. The radio station is located on the third floor of the College Center and broadcasts a wide variety of radio programming including, but not limited to, music and talk shows, instructionals, and the news and weather. Broadcasting usually runs 22-24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any member of the Vassar community may join the staff of WVKR or have their own show provided they follow the regulations set forth by WVKR and the law. WVKR encourages visitors provided they act in a responsible manner.

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