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Fall 2018 Candidates and Statements

The following students have filed for this election. The list will be updated on a rolling basis. Click on a candidate's name to read their candidate statement.

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2022 Senator for Activities

2022 Senator for Strategic Planning

2022 Senator for Student Affairs

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Cushing House

Cushing First Year Representative

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Davison House

Davison First Year Representative

Benjamin Scharf

Hello All, 

My name is Ben Scharf, and I would love to be the first year representative for all you living in Davidson House this year! Driven by my passion for house pride (roll cows), I will put in all the (heifer)t needed to make MOOOves in the right direction. I am a music lover, a juggling enthusiast, a student-athlete, a people person, and a habitual late night Deece goer. Let me know our house team can go about making Davi your home away from home!

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Jewett House

Jewett First Year Representative

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Josselyn House

Joss First Year Representative

Jocelyn Rendon

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Lathrop House

Lathrop First Year Representative

Rob Downes

Lathrop is home. 

The first few weeks before coming to Vassar, I was both skeptical and, honestly, apprehensive towards leaving all that was familiar to me. To further complicate the transition, loss was something ever so prevalent in the days leading up to moving in. I was afraid I would be unable to find friends on whom I could rely and with whom I could be open and honest.

The first few weeks during my time at Vassar told an entirely different story. Walking into Lathrop House, I was thrown into a galvanized atmosphere of welcoming, love, positivity, and acceptance. Meeting my fellow group sustained the warmth I had begun feeling for this previously foreign campus. From the first night, I was open to these strangers, now friends, about everything I was going through. Their compassion and empathy just made me feel so loved and accepted. I found my family. I was home.

As Lathrop's First Year Representative, I wish to preserve, encourage and hearten the love that exists within the walls of our dorm. I aim to be a voice for the First Years, sharing our complaints, concerns, and ideas, acknowledging the validity we all have in what we believe. I will further the closeness and "homey" vibe found in Lathrop, in order to bring our charming community together. Further, I am currently, and will continue to be one who will listen to the struggles others are enduring, with my prior experience hopefully offering comfort in those times of need. 

In regards to my prior experience, I am not unfamiliar with elected student positions, serving as my class's senator for the prior four years of high school. Further, I have much experience in organizing and executing events. One such example is when I ran my high school's open acapella competition, which ended up raising $13,000 for the school's service trip to Tobati, Paraguay. Another example comes from my work over the summer with political campaigns, in which I organized fundraisers for my local State Representative candidate. In regards to prior demonstrated leadership external from student or local politics, I was chair of my high school's debate team while concurrently being captain of our mock trial team.

I look forward to the opportunity of being Lathrop's First Year Representative. 

The motto "Lath Love" holds a lot of truth, and I will ensure that this unabating love remains within the halls of our lovely home.

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Main House

Main First Year Representative

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Noyes House

Noyes First Year Representative

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Raymond House

Raymond First Year Representative

Samantha Cavagnolo

Hey! I'm Sam(antha).

Likes include: trivia, impromptu study breaks, mini waffles, Obama memes, hosting people in my room, and the fact that although running a club (Speech and Debate) in high school probably took a year off my life...I now how impeccable organizational and administrative skills. 

Dislikes include: the ambiguous shrug I give every time someone asks me what I am going to major in, that cockroach we saw in the hallway that everyone was too scared to kill, and the sheer amount of grit and perseverance it takes to make it to a 9 am class in Blodgett.

All jokes aside, I love Raymond house (she's rough around the edges but she's ours) and I'm running because: I'd love to be first year rep, plan some study breaks, help foster a chill but supportive environment in the best house on campus, and be the mom friend that we all need every once in awhile.

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Devin Dufour

Hi all, I'm Devin (they/them), and I'm from Hickory, NC. I’m running for the first-year representative position because I’m well-suited to serve the student body and hope to be another support for first-years in Raymond. I’ve been on executive boards of several clubs throughout high-school, and know how to work with a committee. I spent a summer working as an overnight camp counselor, and lived in a dorm setting for my last two years of high school. My senior year, I was a Teaching Assistant for one of my old teachers and one part of my position was working as a liaison between the prof. and her students. These experiences have allowed me ample opportunity to learn how to best interact with both my peers and authority figures, and how to make proactive change in group environments.


Should you choose to elect me, I will do my part to ensure that I am an active liaison between the first-years of Raymond house and the rest of house team. The initiatives I'm most interested in proposing are increased inclusivity programming(i.e. queer/POC initiatives, programming for those who didn't get much social justice awareness training back home) and events where first-years can meet upperclassmen(i.e. siblings, programming where one can casually talk to upperclassmen about different majors/interests, etc.). Most importantly, I want to make sure that Raymond House first-years needs are anticipated and met. Thanks for reading!

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Strong House

Strong First Year Representative

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Board of Elections and Appointments

Board of Elections and Appointments 2022 Representative

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