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Fall 2013 Special Election


Each fall, the the Vassar Student Association (VSA) holds elections for the freshman class. Holding an elected VSA position—whether it be on your class council, your House Team, or a joint committee—is a tremendous way to get even more involved in your new community. We encourage every student to read through the descriptions of the open positions below, and consider running for a position. The Vassar Student Association shapes an incredible amount of the student experience at Vassar. Representatives are essentially the architects of campus life. We govern ourselves; we certify new organizations and publications and performing groups; we sit with faculty and administrators on policy and student life committees; we plan scholarly conferences and throw all-campus parties; and we point out institutional problems and come up with solutions. Vassar is unique as its students enjoy guaranteed shared governance, which means that we have the power to shape not only our own experience at Vassar but also policies that will influence the future direction of the College. Becoming an elected VSA officer is a serious responsibility, but it's a unique and important way to contribute to your institution. Don't pass up this opportunity to get involved!

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Election Dates

Tuesday, November 19th - 11:59pm: Filing and campaigning period begins.
Sunday, November 24th - 7:00pm: Filing ends.
Tuesday, November 26th - 12:00pm: Campaigning ends.
Tuesday, November 26th - 12:00pm: Voting begins.
Wednesday, November 27th - 12:00pm: Voting ends.

Available Positions

Executive Board

The President, Vice President for Student Life, Vice President for Operations, Vice President for Academics, Vice President for Activities, and Vice President for Finance make up the Executive Board of the VSA. These six students meet daily with administrators, faculty, trustees, and other student leaders. They serve as the link between the student body and the Senior Officers of the College, sitting on virtually all of Vassar’s most active committees. Please be aware that these positions represent a significant time commitment. Although previous VSA experience is not required, most Executive Board members have had experience serving on the VSA Council, house teams, or class councils. When considering these positions, be mindful of any other academic, personal, or extracurricular commitments.

Vice President for Student Life

The VP for Student Life is the primary liaison to the Dean of the College division. The VP for Student Life deals with all of the non-academic aspects of the Vassar experience, including Residential Life, Campus Dining, Security, and the Campus Life offices. Due to the close relationship between this position and the Dean of the College division, the VP for Student Life represents the student voice on a number of committees including the Committee on College Life (CCL) and the Committee on Inclusion and Excellence (CIE), and also chairs the VSA Student Life Committee. Note: You must have completed one full semester at Vassar and may not be abroad for the remainder of this semester or any part of next semester.

How to File

Declare a candidacy requires the following information.
» Your full name (You can optionally add a nick name in the following form: John ‘Johnny’ Doe).
» The title of the position you are filing for (view the complete list of open positions).
» A candidate statement. (To get an idea of the scope and length of a typical candidate statement, feel free to review last year’s candidate statements.) If you would prefer to not submit a statement at this time, you may leave the box blank. Your candidate statement will appear along with your name on the voting (ballot) page of the respective position.

The filing deadline is Nov. 24th, at 7:00 pm. STUDENTS WHO FAIL TO FILE BEFORE THIS TIME WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO RUN IN FALL ELECTIONS. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. After the filing deadline and until 24 hours before voting begins, you will still be able to add or change your candidate statement. To do so, simply email


By clicking the "Declare Candidacy" link, you agree that you understand the information above.


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