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The Vassar Student Association receives an annual budget of approximately $750,000. Most of this money is distributed to the 120 plus organizations on campus. The rest is allocated to various VSA Funds and distributed by the Finance Committee and the VSA Council throughout the year. Below, read about these various funds and take a look at the Treasurer's manual in order to ensure that your money is properly managed.

Office Hours

Questions? Concerns? Stop by College Center 207 during office hours to chat.

Finance Dashboard

Online financial management system for reimbursements, direct payments (checks), cash advances, and budget report checking. Certified organizations only, login required.

Capital Loans

The Capital Loan System was established as a supplement to Capital Budgeting. Each semester, organizations can apply to the capital budgeting fund for necessary capital items. In addition to this, the VSA now purchases items for its capital loan inventory. Organizations can loan out these items and return them to the inventory once they are finished with them. To loan out one or more of these items please read over the terms and conditions document and then complete the below contract. Please stop by the VSA Office (College Center 207) to pick up your item during the office hours of the Vice President for Finance.

Preliminary Organization Fund Application

Use this application to apply for the Preliminary Organization Fund, which may be used to sponsor events held by organizations that are recognized as Preliminary Organizations. The fund may cover up to 100% of costs, not to exceed $200 per semester.

Purchasing Card Payment

Please come to the VP for Finance's office hours in order to use the Purchasing Card. Please note that the card must not physically leave the office, so transactions should be conducted by phone or online.

Treasurer's Manual

Click the link above to access the downloadable Treasurer's Manual in .pdf format.


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