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Exploring the Hudson Valley: Crafted Kup

Crafted Kup

Crafted Kup is an independently owned and operated coffee and dessert shop ideally situated at 44 Raymond Avenue in the Asciuto Building, across from the Arlington branch of the Poughkeepsie Post Office. The owners, Ken and Janet Kraft, designed their charming little getaway for anyone needing to escape campus for a bit.

Crafted Kup is an inviting, cozy shop featuring a variety of espresso drinks--everything from espresso to mocha latte and hot chai. Ken and Janet Kraft take care to feature local products: the coffee is from J. B. Peel in Red Hook, teas are from Harney and Sons in Millerton, fresh baked pastries come from several local bakers including Bread Alone in Boiceville, Wild Hive Farm Bakery in Clinton Corners and gluten free baked goods from Soul Dog in Poughkeepsie.

In addition to featuring local products whenever possible, Crafted Kup has adopted environmentally friendly practices: cups are eco-friendly and compostable and I am told Ken makes special trips to take coffee grounds to a composting site at Vassar Farms. Furthermore, paper products, cardboard and plastics are all recycled and the store purchases organic and fair trade coffee whenever possible.

The coffee shop has two levels. The street level is the serving area and upstairs there is seating for groups of students to converse, play chess, do homework or just hang out. The interior of the Crafted Kup is cozy and furnished with eclectic pieces made even more inviting by background music, which is an interesting mix of folk, jazz, contemporary and blues music. Free Wi-Fi is available (although coffee shop etiquette dictates that you at least purchase a drink or morsel as you enjoy the ambiance of this delightful nook). Also not to be missed is Ken’s dry wit. His matter-of-factness made me homesick for the Midwest and I found the entire staff to be welcoming and sweet.




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