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Exploring the Hudson Valley: Cubbyhole Coffeehouse

Cubbyhole Coffeehouse

Nice vibes, comfortable couches and huge one-of-a-kind lattes characterize the Cubbyhole Coffeehouse. Only a three-minute walk from campus, the café is an ideal place for Vassar students to unwind and fuel up. The evening-only hang-out, which is open every day from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m., serves quality Kobricks coffee, a wide selection of teas and tasty pastries. While the prices seem high (about $2.75 a cup), the cups are so huge that they last you all night, and the inventive flavors, such as a peanut butter cup latte, are always worth it.

In accordance with its name, the Cubbyhole Coffeehouse provides a small and cozy atmosphere with dim lighting. Large purple couches and tan loveseats fill up the space. Local artwork and bookshelves line the walls, while a small stage fills up the corner by the door. Puzzles, board games, chessboards and notebooks provide distraction for the caffeine sippers. The baristas are always pleasant and ready to share their opinions not only on their favorite drinks, but also on their favorite new bands. The café offers frequent open-mike nights, and they’ve also become well known for the indie pop that usually pumps out of the loud speakers.

The Cubbyhole hosts a variety of artsy events. Acoustic open-mike nights every Tuesday at 7 p.m., open poetry nights every first and third Monday of each month, chess nights every Wednesday at 7 p.m. and experimental “noisenight” every Sunday provide a smattering of entertainment. The Cubbyhole offers a quaint ambiance for the artsy student ready to experiment with new flavors and fresh music.




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