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Exploring the Hudson Valley: Debra T’s Ice Cream Cafe

Debra T’s Ice Cream Cafe

Imagine you are in a land where the sky is purple, the water is pink, and ice cream cone chachkies grow wild. When you enter Debra T’s Ice-Cream Café, all of your senses are immediately inundated with ice cream, and you feel as though you are in another magnificent world.

From the sweet smell that fills the quaint cottage café, to the hundreds of decorated menus with creative sundaes and unique flavors, to the scrumptious homemade fudge and whipped cream, this place is the ultimate ice cream experience. Moose tracks, black raspberry and butter pecan are only a few of the diverse hard ice cream flavors, not to mention all of the soft serve choices. The menu also features low-sugar and low-fat options, such as sorbet and frozen yogurt.

For those looking for something a bit less sweet, Debra T’s also serves burgers, fries, salads and burritos, though the ice cream and milkshake menu is much more extensive and is certainly the main attraction. After painstakingly deciding what to order (I recommend the weekly special flavor or the homemade brownie sundae), you can enjoy your ice cream either inside at a purple booth or outdoors under an umbrella. There is even a large wooden train for anyone to play or eat in (as long as you can fit)! Children can also enjoy the eclectic array of small motorized rides.

Debra T’s is only a five-minute car ride from Vassar, on Route 43. Prices range from $1 to $10. It’s a perfect stop before a movie at the Overlook Drive In, located right next door. I fell in love the first time I stumbled upon Debra T’s, and I have returned many times, always more than satisfied.

Debra T’s Café is a unique ice cream wonderland that is sure to leave your taste buds happy and asking for more. Great for all ages, this place is Poughkeepsie’s best-kept edible secret. If you’re lucky, you may even spy the legendary Debra T. looking out her second floor pink cottage window as you slurp down your ice cream.




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