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Exploring the Hudson Valley: Fresco Tortillas

Fresco Tortillas

Fresco Tortillas is a little kitchen is packed with lots of tasty food. The fare is Tex-Mex, a blend of Mexican cuisine zested with American ingredients, and the menu is divided into nine major categories: fresh flour tortillas, tacos, quesadillas, tostada salads, nachos, fajitas by the pound, enchiladas, combos and sides such as corn chips, beans and rice.

Virtually every menu item has a meatless alternative, often with special beans, including tofu. What’s more, the food comes at very affordable prices; a crispy chicken taco, for example, is only $1.89, which is beautiful music to someone like me who can pack away eight for dinner. Another prime choice are the nachos: For $3.99 you get a large box full, covered in hot melted cheese and well garnished with ingredients such as chicken, sliced jalapeños and black beans. The grilled chicken and steak combination is a good meal for only $5.59; each combo dish is served with Mexican rice, black beans, lettuce, tomato and two tortillas.

If you’re splitting dinner with a group of friends, try the fajitas by the pound: Twelve fresh flour tortillas, grilled peppers, onions, scratch-made bean and salsa ranchera, with one pound of chicken, steak, chicken and steak, or shrimp ($13.99 to $15.99). Although the portions are all generally hardy, be sure to ask for are extra hot sauce and salsa containers, which are usually rationed unless you specify otherwise.

The chefs at “Fresh Tortillas” take their name literally. All of the food is cooked from scratch in front of you as you wait; actually, you’ll be ordering directly from the cooks themselves, so if you have a special request, they’ll be able to prepare your meal exactly how you want.

Fresco is a classic hole-in-the-wall: Great food, fluorescent lights, no eye candy, no bathroom, five stools. While you wait for your food—and you won’t be waiting long, despite the seemingly endless stream of customers—you can check out the story of Fresco’s original founding in New York City in a framed newspaper page, next to a blown-up menu. But keep in mind that this eatery is designed for take-out, so it’s not an ideal place to bring a date, unless you’re just picking up your food before heading off to picnic at Sunset Lake.

As a final item of interest, Fresco is within easy walking distance of campus, making it ideal for anyone looking for their fill of Tex-Mex cooking, especially for students without cars. It’s also open late, so it makes a good dinner alternative when the campus facilities are closed. You can even call 10 minutes ahead to ensure that your meal is ready upon arrival.




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