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Exploring the Hudson Valley: Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon

If you are in the mood for tasty Vietnamese food on a budget, then Miss Saigon is the right place for you. Located on a residential street in a quaint white house, Miss Saigon is certainly distinctive from other Poughkeepsie restaurants. The interior of the restaurant is nothing spectacular, but it does provide a calm atmosphere, which is often quite welcome among frenzied college students. Miss Saigon is located two blocks from the north end of campus.

The service is not always prompt, but the result of your patience is generally a delicious meal. The portion sizes are usually adequate or even large for entrées, but I have known them to be rather skimpy on smaller items. For example, a small side of peanut sauce is $.75 and though it’s very tasty, it’s not nearly large enough to justify its price. The “lemon drink” is delicious, but served with so much ice that it can hardly be deemed thirst quenching. (My boyfriend once asked if he could get a lemon drink with less ice. They said, “No problem,” and brought him a lemon drink with less ice…in a much smaller glass.)

But despite these portion size difficulties, I highly recommend Miss Saigon for its main courses. Serving chicken, pork, shrimp, beef, squid, duck and vegetarian entrées, this restaurant has items for everyone. Vegetarians may initially feel uncertain when they find that there are no items for them under the appetizer and soup listings. But if you flip through the menu and reach the “Vegetarian Paradise” section, you will find not only your entrée items, but also appetizer choices and soup. Buddha’s Sweet and Sour Soup is the only vegetarian soup option, but it is excellent and makes up for the lack of additional choices. Meals start at around $15.

For omnivores and vegetarians alike, I recommend trying the Thai Iced Tea with Milk, which has a very unique taste. I can also vouch for the tastiness of the pan fried noodles, which are quite flavorful and crispy. This dish can be made vegetarian-style or with chicken or seafood. For meat eaters, my friends have told me that the beef soup is an excellent choice as well.

For practically every item that you order, you will be asked how hot you want it. Your choices are low, medium, hot and very hot. I usually go with medium, which adds just the right amount of spice to make the food flavorful, but not enough to make dinner challenging. If you are in the mood for dessert, Miss Saigon may not be the place for you. The restaurant only has one dessert item on the menu: coconut-flavored flan.

Take out is available at Miss Saigon and groups of 10 people or less are easily accommodated. For those who are on a quest for good food at a reasonable price, Miss Saigon will not disappoint.




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