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Exploring the Hudson Valley: Soul Dog

Soul Dog

Soul Dog is one of my favorite local haunts. I miss it every time I go home for breaks. Seriously, my patronage there has become a weekly ritual. Right down Main Street toward the train station, the restaurant is an easy five-minute drive from Vassar campus.

One might think that the idea of a gourmet hot dog contradicts itself, but have faith in your fellow (older and wiser) Vassar students: These are some of the most delicious franks you will ever stick into your mouth.

They stock the finest: Sabrett All Beef, Applegate Chicken, and Veggie Dogs. Toppings include guacamole, spicy peanut sauce, marsala mushrooms, scallion and cucumber, and several signature sauces, such as their Chipotle Cream and Soul Sauce. Special prefigured combinations come featured with titles such as the Danny Bonaducci and the Rocky Balboa Dog. There’s a sausage special, as well as a few fine soups. Check out their daily specials. Past favorites include biscuits and gravy, fried pickles and quiches. My last bit of advices is to get the seasoned fries! Each order isn’t quite complete without them.

Soul Dog also boasts a bevy of gluten-free items. Besides their hot dogs, their menu includes such gluten-free items as pizza, lasagna, fries and baked goods. Those with food allergies can finally find a place to feast freely and without fear.

The atmosphere is truly delightful. Each table is covered with a sheet of white paper and comes equipped with a cup of crayons. You will never be bored during the two-to-three minutes it takes for your order to be filled. Local music fills your ears, and local art often hangs from the walls. If you were ever hesitant to claim that you lived in Poughkeepsie, Soul Dog and its featured array of local talent will certainly erase all embarrassment.

Prices are entirely reasonable. Your average meal will cost around $7, with each dog (complete with toppings) priced at $3. The dogs are all under $2, the first two toppings costing $.50, and the third is complimentary.

One last addendum: The owners are possibly the nicest and most attractive husband and wife teams on this side of the Hudson. Perhaps my friends and I are creepier than the average Vassar student, but I find this hard to believe.




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