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Exploring the Hudson Valley: Thai Spice

Thai Spice

For those New Yorkers longing for that authentic Thai taste that can only be found south of Astor Place, Thai Spice offers hope. This chic restaurant opened its doors during Summer 2008, in the midst of the Raymond Avenue construction. But while other businesses were hurting for customers, Thai Spice often had 10-minute waits.

After eating there for the first time, I began to understand why. The décor is somewhat more upscale than neighboring restaurants; wooden floors, a mirrored bamboo bar and comfy booths to the left and right. Thai knickknacks are scattered throughout the dining room—a stone Buddha and a golden elephant, for example, sit proudly atop the bar.

Service is friendly and fast; when I had dinner there with two friends, all three of our entrees were ready within 10 minutes, and each plate was brought out as it was ready. The food I have eaten here has ranged from very good to excellent. My personal favorites are the Shrimp Pad Thai (flavored rice noodles sautéed with shrimp, peanuts and vegetables) and the Pineapple Fried Rice. Like any Thai restaurant, some dishes are a bit spicy. The especially hot meals are denoted on the menu, but the kitchen is more than willing to accommodate those with milder palates.

Though the prices for certain items are a little high ($6 for three spring rolls), the cost of an entrée alone is not too excessive. The ambiance alone makes this an ideal place to bring parents or Vassar visitors. They will leave impressed with Poughkeepsie’s trendy and East Village-y atmosphere—an atmosphere that they could not find under the fluorescent lights of the dining hall.

I always leave the restaurant satisfied, expecting to walk out the door and see The Cube or Cooper Union. But I am always a bit surprised to transition from this trendy buzzing restaurant to quiet Raymond Avenue.




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