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Exploring the Hudson Valley: Tokyo Express

Tokyo Express

Tokyo Express is by far my favorite restaurant in Poughkeepsie. Technically a sushi bar, the menu is large and not exclusively dedicated to sushi. As a vegetarian who will not eat fish at all, and certainly not the raw variety, I can guarantee that Tokyo Express will please both sushi lovers and non-sushi fans alike.

The restaurant is small and the sushi bar takes up half of the space, but Tokyo Express does have adequate seating for those who prefer to dine in a more intimate setting. On a busy night the owners find it a little difficult to accommodate all of their customers among their few tables, but they are quite adept at rearranging in order to serve as many people as possible. I would not recommend bringing excessively large parties, but a group of six or seven friends should be fine.

The menu seems a little overwhelming at first, but I have never known any item to be disliked. If you are going with a friend who enjoys sushi, you might want to consider taking a look at the specials along the walls that advertise two-person sushi meals with such names as “Rock N’ Roll Sushi” and “Special Boat for Two” (yes, it will actually come in a wooden boat). This will allow you to sample a wide variety of sushi, which is particularly helpful if you are not exactly a sushi connoisseur. You might also consider utilizing the sushi order pads on the table that will enable you to order single sushi pieces. This is also helpful for those who are not familiar with their sushi, as you can try a wide variety of items for relatively little cost.

As for the vegetarians, your options are much more extensive than you might expect. Definitely start out with the salad. It has a ginger dressing that is to die for. I personally hate ginger slices, but Tokyo Express mashes it down to create something inexplicably delicious. The next “must” item is soup. The miso soup (seaweed and tofu) is classic and will not disappoint, but if you are feeling adventurous I highly recommend the osumashi soup (mushroom). I personally cannot stand raw or cooked mushrooms, but this soup is unbelievable. Do not forget to order edamame (baby soybeans), which is a classic favorite with both vegetarians and meat eaters alike. You might want to encourage your carnivorous friends to try some. If you are still hungry after all this, I highly recommend the tofu teriyaki, but any tofu dish is excellent. Feeling bad that you did not order any sushi like your friends? If you do not mind consuming eggs (sorry, vegans) order a Tamago roll just for fun. It provides a welcome cool and sweet taste to contrast the other hot, salty items.

Time for the best part: dessert. No matter how full you are, you can certainly save a little room for the red bean ice cream. If you do not think that the tiny ice cream portion size on the menu will be able to satisfy your sweet tooth, do not hesitate to request a larger dish. The servers will be all too happy to oblige.

Unfortunately after such a large and delicious meal, you may find that you spent a little more than your budget allows for. The first time you visit the restaurant, it is important to sample as much as possible, so do not chastise yourself for your extravagance. Now you will know what your favorite items are, and perhaps next time you will be able to cut back on some of the pricier dishes.




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