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Exploring the Hudson Valley: UNO Chicago Bar and Grill

UNO Chicago Bar and Grill

With a 10-page menu, affordable prices, quick service and diverse food offerings, there’s not much not to love about UNO Chicago Grill. One of 200-some UNO chain restaurants across the country, the Poughkeepsie version is located on Main Street, a 15-minute walk from Vassar. Despite its distance from campus, the restaurant is heavily frequented by college students craving its famous Chicago-style, deep-dish pizza.

The only downside to UNO’s extensive menu is that it may take 10 minutes just to narrow down your top five choices for an entrée. The menu features everything from chicken, pasta, steak, seafood, pizza, calzones, quesadillas, hamburgers, panini and sandwiches. Prices typically fall under $15. There are two pages devoted to appetizers alone, ranging from soups and salads to nachos and calamari. The beverage list leaves nothing to be desired—one must choose between beer, wine, colorful cocktails, exotic smoothies and free-refill soft drinks and juices. If you’ve got enough room after dinner, UNO has mouthwatering dessert selections that include a huge chocolate peanut butter cup, apple crisp with vanilla ice cream and UNO’s famous deep-dish sundae.

With the anticipation of all of that food heavy on the mind, it is fortunate that the wait for a table is never long; UNO has plenty of room for all lovers of shrimp scampi and brownie sundaes. The restaurant has a casual set-up and the ambiance is relaxed and upbeat.

The food is prepared relatively quickly and the servers are welcoming and friendly. The last time I went there, our waitress made fun of my male friend after he ordered his third “chick drink”; she brought him a complimentary Malibu Breeze in recompense. If one of your friends has a birthday coming up, UNO has an embarrassing song that the entire staff claps and sings to the birthday person in question; I heartily recommend it.

Although UNO is farther from campus than most of the other restaurants that Vassar students typically patronize, its extensive menu and fast and friendly service make the trek well worth it. Great for loud dinners with huge groups of people, smaller two- or three-person settings or even just a quick dessert outing, UNO is ideal for almost any occasion. Oh, and it accepts the VCard. Can it get any better?




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