Mission & Values

Our Mission

The mission of the Association shall be to serve, represent, promote the interests of and improve the welfare of the undergraduate students of Vassar College. The Association commits itself to effective participation in the decision-making processes of the College, and shall use such participation, acknowledging the historical and contemporary systems of oppression both at the College and in the wider community, to combat systems of oppression against its members. As voluntary members of Vassar College, the Association recognizes and supports the Principles of Shared Governance of the College and shall fulfill its responsibilities to its members and the College in accordance with its own mission.

Our Values

In September of 2017, the 2nd VSA Senate adopted Guiding Principles which directed all bodies, particularly the Senate committees, to be proactive and engaged in the advocacy of all students.

The Guiding Principles read as follows:

  1. We will leverage the institutional power of the VSA for the best interests of students. 
  2. We reaffirm our commitment to value and work towards anti-racism and intersectional feminism. 
  3. We will work with the goal of restorative justice for those students of marginalized identities who have historically or otherwise experienced violence against their personhood as students at Vassar. 
  4. We will acknowledge our inherent structural limitations and will work to enact change and follow through on promises to the best of our ability, guided by our dedication to challenge those constraints. 
  5. We will be a self-critical Senate, in which each member recognizes their own limitations and their fellow members continuously hold one another accountable for their actions. 
  6. We will actively seek to make the VSA more accessible and transparent to students, through measures that increase our visibility and include but are not limited to, improvements to the VSA official website. 
  7. We will continuously seek to fully realize the promise of shared governance. 
  8. We will continue to restructure the VSA to best suit students’ needs and experiences.