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As the College responds to the global economic crisis, departments are finalizing their course offerings for Fall and Spring of the 2010-11 academic year within the next week. Department chairs and program directors have been negotiating with the Dean of the Faculty Office, and staffing plans are currently being determined.

The VSA Executive Board has been in constant conversation with the senior administration regarding the changes to the curriculum. We would like to encourage the student body to engage with their majors committees and department chairs to learn more about the changes to the curriculum in their respective areas. While students should rest assured that Vassar will continue to offer a broad and diverse curriculum, the changes will nonetheless be significant, and it is in the best interests of students to be well informed.

Student voice is essential to academic life at Vassar; our hope is that majors committees can channel that voice. Whether you are declared in a department or simply interested in it, you should be aware of and have a voice in the department's future course offerings. Majors committees, groups of student majors, are excellent resources for facilitating communication in departments and channeling that input to the faculty.

Contact information for all of the majors committees and department chairs is available here. If you have any concerns about your academic opportunities in the coming year, please engage with your majors committee and department. And please come talk to your VSA Executive Board—we are your advocates, and we want to be your resource.

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