Meeting Minutes for Steering Committee, 9/17/13


  • rename to Rebel Alliance

    • we voted no.
  • FYDP filing

    • figure out how we make this – when we close

    • close the night of Monday the 23rd, so elections will be held on Tuesday the 24th

  • we need some new subcommittees / point persons:

    • starting a movie night (weekly? monthly? however often?)

      • pick someone to be in charge of this, set up voting, reserve space, plan snacks (Emma yay!)

        • A League of One’s Own

        • Dirty Dancing

    • freshman / first-year-feminist thing (Elsa, Ellie)

      • what do we want it to be like?

        • games (get-to-know, intro to terms)

        • foods

      • someone (preferably a first year) needs to be in charge of this

    • all-female variety showww! (Elsa+friends, Robyn)

      • start a subcommittee to plan dates, start contacting performance groups

  • talk about new voting system for topics

  • merch merch merch

    • when do we want to decide this? how do we want to decide this?

      • travel mugs

      • new stickers

      • buttons

      • more pens

        • dismantle oppression!

        • smash the patriarchy!

        • strike through patriarchy!

        • no more erasure!

        • keep vassar smashing!

        • (write-in)

      • patches!!!! (patch-making party! Emily)

      • T-shirts

  • Roller Derby, tickets at the door (~$15?), Sat 7pm – Emma

  • YDS socialist feminism

  • After Tiller movie (Emma)

    • CHOICE

  • collab with VHP for doc on women workers (Robyn)

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Meeting Minutes for General Body, 9/17/13

Feminist Alliance meeting 9/17/13


Alex from Young Democratic Socialists discussing petition and student labor dialogue; labor solidarity



  • Kelly’s project “Not Anonymous”: in response to The Vagina Monologues, create new piece with people’s own stories; non-hierarchical; identity-based experiences; auditions this weekend
  • First year Designated Person; filing opening soon
  • This Friday 1 – 3, LGBTQ 101; peer leadership and student educators but open to everyone
  • Misc article about workshop tomorrow


Discussion: the VMAs and Miley Cyrus’ performance

  • Focus on slut-shaming
  • Robin Thicke didn’t get backlash
  • Breaking out of “innocent white girl” mold
  • POC expected to be sexual
  • Bisexuality as a commodity
  • Race, queerness fetishized
  • Black culture appropriated but “trashy”
  • Defense: her performance is “art”
  • Discussion of problems in media/TV
  • Who is becoming rich off of stereotypes/”trashiness”/rape culture
  • 3/16 POC winners, 2 Bruno Mars
  • Discussion of masculine talk that happened today
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Meeting Minutes for Steering Committee, 9/10/13

  • Other orgs contacting us

    • VICE wants to show a porno and thinks we should cosponsor it – NO

  • Discussion topics

    • the VMAs

    • war in Syria/imperialism and women?

    • ableism – ableist language!

    • new people in the group who haven’t been as involved in feminist discourse

    • first year night – have games and freshman facilitators

    • look at the Google docs to have topics

    • Chelsea Manning

    • queerness

  • Suggestions from GB

    • Planned Parenthood – moarrr

    • work with high school students (roar for high school girls?) – collab with VAST?

    • movie night

  • Joint meetings

    • YDS – socialist/Marxist feminism

    • Transmission – trans feminism

    • GAAP

    • Greens – ecofeminism

    • VARC

    • religion and feminism conversation

    • QCVC

    • Greens – “Anti-Oppression workshop” in Kenyon Club Room; make activism sustainable, make environmentalism socially conscious – before October break

  • VARC discussion – Carol Adams

    • talk-back, not sponsorship

    • Emma will spearhead this effort

  • Sister Outsider performance group

  • Merch

    • t shirts

    • pens

    • stickers

    • buttons

    • key chains

  • Queer Dreams and Nonprofit Blues conference – Columbia Law School/Barnard/etc.

    • October 4-5

    • pay for transportation (hopefully yes)

    • formal nonprofit structure has come to dominate social justice work; taking place of volunteer programs; creates hierarchy, reliance on govt for funding

  • Kelly – spearheading devised, collaborative theater project – “Voices” for now

    • Sept 21, 22 auditions
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Meeting Minutes for General Body, 9/10/13


  • Introductions: Name, pronouns, class most looking forward to

  • FemAlliance Overview:

    • FemAlliance by Sara: orgins, meeting structure, collaboration, joint meetings, steering committee

    • roar by Erin

    • BTSAV by Willow: quilt project, website, conference

    • Planned Parenthood outreach by Emma

    • Campus Climate by Lauren

  • Small-group discussion

    • Ground rules: step up step back, positive intent, don’t be an asshole

      • what’s said here stays here; what’s learned here leaves here

      • step up step back

      • trigger warning

      • assume positive intent

      • ask questions

    • what is your experience with feminism/activism?

      • what other groups are you a part of?

    • what do you want to see fem alliance do this year?

    • are there any discussion topics you want to see?

  • Volunteer for First Year DP!

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Meeting Minutes for Steering Committee, 4/9/13

Steering Committee 4-9-13

Access joint meeting

  • they will join us for our meeting time
  • emphasizing points of commonality and difference
    • parallels in the infantilization
    • chivalry, help when it is not needed
    • to what extent is your subjectivity apprehended
    • self-definition of disability
    • issues of gender bias and stereotypes in diagnosis, also race
    • clothing as disabling
    • gender identities in the DSM, the disordering of gender
    • disproportionate levels of gender and race in school disability systems
    • consent – disabled women versus non-disabled women
    • how disability can complicate traditionally feminist issues
    • abortion – “everyone needs the option to not have a disabled child”
    • which disabilities are “tolerable” and which will “ruin your life”
    • class – resources to care for disabled children
    • criminalization (or non-criminalization) of disabilities
      • police shootings
      • “crazies want to kill everyone” – assuming criminals have mental disorders (Newtown, CT)
      • “suspicious behavior”


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Agenda for 3/4/13-3/5/13

This week we will be having TWO joint meetings with MEChA de Vassar! Monday’s meeting will be at 9pm in the ALANA center, and Tuesday’s meeting will be at the normal Feminist Alliance meeting place/time (8pm in the Faculty Parlor).
Monday meeting: Latinas, Feminism and Queerness
Ice breaker activity
Gallery Walk: gender, sexuality, feminism, race, ethnicity, nationality
Group debrief
Reading of Anzaldua quotes
Group Discussion
Wrap-up conversation
Tuesday meeting
Ice breaker activity
Conversation about invisibility
Film screening: Made in L.A.
Group reflection
Wrap-up conversation
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Meeting Minutes for Steering Committee, 2/26/13


  • Tabling at WBC?
    • Pens, stickers, email sign-up
    • Counter-protest zine? ~$25 to print 50
    • Mission/Vision statement out on table
  • Max and the speaker
    • Model of European integration
    • Anti-Muslim and “feminist”
    • Hiding at the American Enterprise
    • Hoping she would come late spring/early fall
    • Fem Alliance not interested in endorsing her
  • Potluck dinner
    • Who’s going to cook? Robyn!
  • Vision statement



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Meeting Minutes for General Body, 2/26/13


  • Introductions: Midterms are coming! What are you going to do to take care of yourself?
  • Discussion: Open. What’s on your mind?
    • Counter-DoSomethingVC zine – we like.
    • Alternative/response to Vag Mono – email Kelly Schuster ( to get involved!
    • All College Day
      • Security discussion – came up with some fantastic proposals
        • Formation of group similar to CARES dealing with race issues
        • Changing the way security is trained
      • ENJAN – iPhone app about racial profiling and similar issues
    • Any positive activist interactions lately?
      • Response to Kaylee’s email to ActOut
      • BTSAV conference
      • WBC zine
      • Talking to parents!
    • WBC
      • Bored yet?
      • Roellke bought shirts. Love Conquers All.
      • Email to parents
      • Media attention
      • Where are we not putting our energy?
      • It’s pretty easy to be against WBC
      • MEChA is tabling for cool things about it! We should too!
      • Faculty meeting decided to let professors cancel classes at their discretion
  • If you have any ideas for discussion topics, email Lauren!


  • Other Business
    • MBSA: Critical discussion on acceptable forms of hate speech on campus
      • Do we want to collaborate on that?
    • Creating a Fem Alliance organizing time
      • Get stuff done!
      • Discussion space AND activism space
        • You could come to only one or both!
      • Some people have other meetings at 9 – also, 2 hours is a long time
      • We could do a trial run!
      • Still staying as transparent as possible, just delegating the work
      • Keeping the SC info in the emails or minutes
      • We will be starting after Spring Break
    • Joint Meeting with MEChA
      • Organizing Wednesday 8:30 CC 237
    • Vandana Shiva activist potluck!
      • Monday 5-7pm Aula
    • Planned Parenthood volunteering!
    • Stud Life movie – $300 for screening rights and BSU/QCVC collaboration


  • Upcoming Events
    • Bryn Mawr’s Queer Students of Color
      • March 29-30
      • Registration closes Mar 1
    • MEChA joint meeting with Fem Alliance
      • Topic: anything to do with Latinas and feminism
    • Vandana Shiva
      • Ecofeminist activist
      • Coming March 6th
    • International Women’s Day
      • March 8th
      • Do we want to do something for it?
    • BTSAV’s Building Solidarity Forum
      • March 2-3
    • Aula dinner tomorrow night for LGBTQ!






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Agenda for 2/26/13

  • Open Discussion
  • Changing Steering Committee/GB structure
  • Birth Story debrief
  • I hate N****** vs God hate F***: Acceptable Forms of Hate Speech on Campus (MBSA Forum)
  • Food, Water, and Human Rights Potluck
  • Town Hall Brainstorm
  • Bystander Intervention Training
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Meeting Minutes for Steering Committee, 2/19/13


  • Sub-committee for MEChA will meet later
  • Maximiliano and the VSA
    • Ayaan Hrisi Aly – member of Dutch parliament
    • Passionate anti-hijab figure
    • Survivor/refugee from Somalia
    • We don’t want to endorse her – how far along is the planning for this?
  • Roelke meeting
    • Touch base, what do we want from Dean and college?
  • Vision statement.
    • Do we want to advertise these things on posters?
  • More detailed agenda in email
  • Steering committee is for activist planning
  • The Outreach Coordinator should take charge of the Fem All FB page
    • Info blurb about what it’s for
    • Let’s have a conversation about it
  • Back to the Vision Statement.
    • On website under “About” tab, used for us to check ourselves



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