Welcome music-enthusiasts, members, and past members to Measure 4 Measure’s new home on the internet! Founded in the early 80’s, we’ve ditched the shoulder pads and leg warmers for a more modern and amazing repertoire arranged by our past and former members. We hope you will check us out on campus this year! 

Our repertoire includes classic favorite artists, such as Hall and Oates, the Indigo Girls, and the Bangles . More recent additions include songs by Beyoncé, Sufjan Stevens, Radiohead, and Sara Bareilles. We arrange all of our own musical numbers, and periodically record original CD’s. Measure 4 Measure sings for various events on campus and for many kinds of organizations and performances, and we also enjoy hosting groups from other universities and colleges. Recently, M4M hosted groups such as the Amherst Zumbyes, the Dartmouth Cords, the Colby 8, and the UniSons. In our free time, the women of Measure 4 Measure enjoy snapchatting, solving riddles, partaking in the search for the perfect black blazer, besting our male a cappella comrades with our mad beat boxing skills, and playing outside.