Lauren Grover (Henna Dancer) to be Guest!

We are excited to once again have Lauren Grover as a guest at NonCon!  She was amazing last year and we know she will be again this year!

“Lauren Grover is a self-taught henna artist, specializing in traditional designs since 1993. This makes her the most experienced professional henna artist in the Northeast, and nearly the whole country! Her research into and teaching the medieval history of henna designs has won her much respect, as well as a prestigious Maunche award from fellow medieval enthusiasts. She loves sharing her art with others, and is sought out by students wherever she goes.”

The Asterplace is coming to NonCon!

We are so excited to be announcing our musical guest for this year.  They are a J-Rock band based in NYC and are amazingly talented.  From the second I heard their first song I was hooked.  Please, give it up for The Asterplace!The Asterplace

[ The Asterplace~ 座・アスタープレイス〜 ]

The Asterplace is Tokyo Melodic Core / Japanese Anime Rock Band from Japan.

They are based in New York City, performing worldwide at Rock festivals and Anime or Comic conventions.
Their band name “The Asterplace” means “creating beautiful music like flowers blossoming every year” and the origin of the name came directly from their beautiful melodic music. As the sun shines in the world, as the moonlight in the sky, The Asterplace plays music toward the world.
Their performance experience is really marvelous in spite of being a rookie band.
After their fantastic concert at Anime Syracuse 2011,
they’ve performed at many conventions as the musical head liner at Zenkaikon, Toracon, BAMcon, DC Sakura Matsuri, KOTORIcon, and more!

They create their music world with their different cultures and their soaring spirits for music. And their creative and positive actions make people support the band steadily. The Asterplace’s entertainment rock show crosses over races, sexes, ages, and any borders, and it fascinates, bewitches, and leads anyone to earnest emotion. Their complete rock entertainment show, with their variety of music styles, it is very enjoyable for all audiences.
More than ever! Don’t miss their cover anime songs from your favorite show!

The Asterplace is :

Kota Tsukimoto : Main Vocal / Backing Guitar
Robert “Luobei” Luo : Bass
COHEI “The Spoken One” Hattori: Lead Guitar / Back Vocal
Shusuke”Shu” Inaba : Drums
Kiyoshi “KC” Chinzei : Piano

<Now Available 1st EP[ MOON] on i-tunes>
<Anime MV -Space Planet->

<info> /


We have updated our Vending page with all of the current confirmed vendors who will be coming to this year’s NonCon.

Welcome and support them!  And wait for more will be added to that list soon.

A Wild NonCon Website Appears!

Hello and welcome!

The bulk of our official NonCon section of the website has now been updated!  You can find the latest information about the convention there.  More information and details will be added as we get closer to the convention. Visit it now!

Also please check out our Facebook and Google + pages for the most up-to-date news.

Of special importance is our registration page.  At the moment, registration is password-protected while we go over some minute details, however, it should become open to the public within 24 hours.

No Such Convention (NonCon) is a small, all-inclusive, family-friendly convention held annually in the Vassar College Campus Center, in Poughkeepsie, New York, and run by the campus’ geek club, the NSO.  No Such Convention offers a little bit for every type of geek: anime, video games, board games, table top RPGs, screenings, panels, workshops, and much more!