NSCon 2015 Dates and Theme

Hello everyone!

We are super excited to announce that No Such Convention (NSCon) will be held this year at the Vassar College College Center on February 20-22 (Friday-Sunday).  Further, we are pleased to announce that our theme this year is simply, superheros!  No matter how you get to the convention, whether it be flight, super-sonic running, or multidimensional tesserects, we hope that you will save the date and make plans for visiting one of the best general fandom conventions of the Hudson Valley!

Make sure to visit our official Convention Website for even more information.

NonCon Dates, Theme, and a New Website

Hello All!

And now for a couple of awesome reveals.  The first is our NonCon dates!  NonCon will be held at Vassar College on February 21st – 23rd.

Secondly, our theme this year has been decided!  Our theme is “The Imperial Republic of the Cyber Age.”  What does it mean?  Well, broadly, think of a combination of cyberpunk themes and roman imagery.

And finally, we also have a new website!  You can find it with all of the con’s information and much more here: http://www.weebly.com/weebly/main.php

Dark Dreamings trailer live!

Hey guys, the trailer for the NonCon Live-Action Roleplaying Game is live on Facebook! “Dark Dreamings” is a fairy-tale horror game that pits the players against dark reflections of familiar stories. Something is twisting these well-known tales away from their happy endings, and into madness instead. Each player in a group of 5-8 will be armed with foam weapons and will have to fight, talk, or run their way through obstacles, enemies, and even allies drawn from multiple storybook worlds. It is up to the players to save the fairy tale kingdoms from descending into darkness and fear, from the malicious entity that seeks to destroy them…