NSCon 14

No Such Convention (NSCon) is a small, three day, family friendly fan convention held annually at Vassar College and managed by No Such Organization. We offer a little bit of everything from board games to video games, to panels and workshops, to musical performances, to cosplay and live-action roleplay, and just about everything in between.

This year’s convention will be held on February 20-22 at the Vassar College College Center.

This year our theme is simply “Superheros!”  No matter how you get to the convention, whether it be flight, super-sonic running, or transdimensional tesseracts, we hope that you will save the date and make plans for visiting one of the best general fandom conventions of the Hudson Valley!

Last year we estimated about 750 people participated in the convention!  Additionally, we had over 60 hours of non-stop programming over a three day period, 30 unique vendors from the Hudson Valley and beyond, and 12 amazing guests ranging from fantasy author to MtG artist!   This year we only hope to continue growing in every department.

Please visit our Official Convention Website for even more information.