Special Events

Hey Guys

If anyone is interested in proposing a special event for this or next term feel free to fill out an application, which you can get here in the downloads section or on the Phil Board, and then email me or Allison (ellondon@vassar.edu or alkelly@vassar.edu) to let us know and drop the completed application in the Philaletheis mailbox.

We look forward to all your proposals

Philaletheis 2007 Season

Welcome back from summer all you thespians! We have a fantastic season coming up and stay tuned for more information about upcoming special events and later our auditions for the 2008 Spring season.

“Dog Sees God” by Burt V Royal

    Directed by Caitlin Crisp

    November 8 – 10: Shiva Theater

    “stoning mary” by debbie tucker green

      Directed by Rachel Lee

      November 15 – 17 : Ely Hall

      “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde

        Directed by Henry Behel

        November 29 – December 1: Shiva Theater

        “The Breakfast Club” by John Hughes

          Directed by Cassadie Peterson

          December 6 – 8: New England Building