Spring ’13 Reminders!

Directing Workshop applications are due Friday, Jan. 25th! Please be aware that this is the first Friday back from break!

If you are interested in proposing a Full Length show for the spring semester, the application is due Friday, Feb. 1st.

Want to propose a Full Length, but don’t know how?! Use the Proposal Liaison application in the attachments to get help from a Phil Board member! We’ll take you through the application process and we’re also all really nice! This application is due Friday, Jan. 25th.

Looking forward to your proposals!

Directing Workshop Proposal Fall ‘09 Now Available!

Interested in directing?  Apply to direct a Directing Workshop.  Directing Workshops are a fun way to get involved with Phil and are a prerequisite for directing a full length.

Applications are due by noon on Saturday, September 5.  Please place them in the folder on the Phil Board.

Directing Workshops will be performed Thursday, September 17 and Friday, September 18.

Need a new proposal? Find one here:   Directing Workshop Proposal


Have trouble finding a play?

Need some help?

Email Molly Shoemaker (moshoemaker@vassar.edu).  She likes answering questions.

Spring Director’s Workshop Proposal

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

While you’re enjoying your lovely and long breaks consider whether you’d like to do a directing workshop for our spring season. Whether you want to direct a full length in the future or just want to try something new, no prior experience is necessary and we’d love to get anyone and everyone involved.  The deadline is not for a little while but you can start looking  over the application which can be accessed through the following link:


More details about due dates and applications will be available when we return but for now if you have any questions feel free to email ralee@vassar.edu

check out our new website!

Hi Everybody! Welcome to Philaletheis’s brand new website, where you can learn about our upcoming events, download important forms, and get up to date information straight from the board members! We’re still in the process of reorganizing and working out some of the kinks, but I welcome you to take a look around and check out all the new features. Once we have everything working smoothly, I’ll post a brief description of how to best utilize the site. Thanks for showing up!

Also! Make sure to check out our events page! This coming weekend (Feb. 9-10), Philaletheis is sponsoring Directing Workshops AND Cabaret. Awesome.