Vassar's only all-male A Cappella Group


Exciting News and More Updates

First off, the Axies would like to send a very warm thank you to the Wellesley Widows, the Williams Accidentals, and the Sarah Lawrence Vocal Minority for allowing us the opportunity to perform with them at their amazing colleges! We had a great time with each and every one of you and look forward to more meetings in the future. For those of you traveling fans (including Vassar friends and even some brave family members) we express our deepest gratitude for your continuing support at the venues. You make it all worthwhile.

We have two new arrangements ready to go!

Joshua Multer (2014)’s Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen/later the Band) had its debut at Wellesley College, and Jake Namaroff (2016)’s Mykonos (Fleet Foxes) is a unique twist on a classic alternative/indie powerhouse hit. We can’t wait to show you them on campus, and so we won’t, which brings us to…



Come to the African Students Union dinner to hear the Axies (among many talented groups) perform a  set for a great cause at 6pm in the UpC (2nd floor of the All Campus Dining Center)!


The Axies host a very special performance by THE CARDINAL SINNERS, a super talented all-female group all the way from Wesleyan at 9PM in Rockefeller Hall 300 (time and venue subject to change so keep a look out).


The Axies are performing along with the rest of the college a cappella groups for Families Weekend in the Villard Room around noon (time TBD)

3 Chances to hear us real soon!

Welcome back Rory Moon and Jeremy Brick!

Rory Moon and Jeremy Brick, the Axies’ two current juniors, have just returned from their study abroad semesters in Prague, the Czech Republic and Madrid, Spain respectively. We look forward to singing with them, especially our new songs, and possibly touring next semester.

On a bittersweet note, this semester marked senior Toby Shorin’s last time (for now) singing with the Axies. He has decided to participate in a program that will require him to live in New York City for the rest of his time as a Vassar student, and will be graduating with the other seniors in the spring. We bid him a very fond farewell, and hope he visits often.

Latest News

Hey all, quick update!

New song(s) added to our repertoire!

Stacy’s Mom – Fountains of Wayne (arr. by Aidan Kahn, solo)

MANY OTHERS COMING VERY SOON, think The Band/Bruce Springsteen, Fleet Foxes, the Beatles, and maybe even Seal. A new version of an old favorite by Queen is currently also being worked on.

We had a joint concert with the Night Owls last Friday, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came, it was a GIGANTIC turn-out. For those who missed it, tomorrow, 5 Axies have donated their time to performing at Vassar’s A Cappella Til You Puke starting at 7pm in the Villard Room. We are performing at 7:45. Looking to show off some freshman talent.


Lots of new and exciting things in the works, some tours and intercollegiate visits in the process of being planned, and mentoring middle/high schoolers next February in the greater Hudson Valley area.

EDIT: THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who came to our final concert. We had a great time, and we hope you did as well.



Michael Uhll ’17

Jake Pardee ’17

Nana Baffour-Awuah ’14

Chris Dietz ’17

Dan Thompson ’17

The Axies’ numbers swell to 13 (15 next semester with the return of the juniors)!


A quick note to those who did not make it in (especially those we called back) this year,

On behalf of the Axies, I just want to say that every single one of you actually does deserve to have this experience. Our underclassmen bros understand what we mean in a few years. It was the roughest decision making year yet (really, last year was super easy in comparison), and we’re such softies that we still admitted more axies than we had planned on before auditions had started. What it came down to didn’t necessarily 100% have to do with talent or potential (though you all are GREAT singers and we’re THRILLED that some of you are joining fellow A Cappella groups, who are so lucky to have you, you really deserve it) but on a simplified level, more to do with stupid logistical factors, such as voice type, Graduating Class (as that affects how many of what grade we can accept each year and how much leadership experience is maintained, ie a majority in one grade would decimate the group after that class graduated), and just straight up group size. In our minds it was the only ‘fair’ way to handle the situation.

So, one could say, there was actually TOO MUCH TALENT in this year’s audition pool. We MANDATE that everyone gets at least one solo (because everyone deserves that chance), and we can’t keep that promise with an almost choir-size group. We don’t have the time or current song list to learn and teach out infinite songs (though we wish we did) We’re really angry actually that rejections had to come down to such cold, impersonal factors. If even a single one of you was not a friggen awesome person that we didn’t want to sing with on the reg, that would have made life so much easier.

All of you, keep singing, you’re great (maybe consider student theater this coming week?) and DON’T be discouraged. Who knows, next year, your voice part might be exactly what we’re looking for.

So again, THANK YOU to everyone who came out to sing for us, and NEW GUYS, GET READY FOR THE BEGINNING OF THE BEST PART OF YOUR VASSAR COLLEGE EXPERIENCE. seriously.

with love,

Webmaster Josh, and the rest of the Axies

Auditions Round 1

Hey all,

Just wanna congratulate everyone who came out to audition today. Y’all were great. This isn’t gonna be easy. Looking forward to group 2 tomorrow! Same place, Rockefeller Hall 200, from 10am to 1pm. Drop by at any point during that time period, it doesn’t matter if you signed up or not.

Welcome to the official page of the Vassar College Accidentals!

Welcome Dudes and Dudettes,

Here’s the latest buzz. The Fall A Cappella Preview Concert is this THURSDAY at 8pm in UPC (aka the 2nd Floor of the Deece, aka the All Campus Dining Center, aka the Student Activities Center or something, you probably know what I’m talking about by now). We host this event, so if you wanna hear us sing/fool around and hear some rull good tunes, stick around for the entire show (our last song is our best). There are 10 A Cappella groups at Vassar currently, so it can get a little overwhelming, but you’ll really enjoy it I think).

But let us introduce ourselves first. If you don’t know who we are, we are Vassar oldest (and only) all male A Cappella group (there was another one but it was short lived and during the 80’s when anything could happen). Our songs are a very eclectic mix of blues, soul, rock, barbershop, other random stylings, and occasionally a bit of performance art added in for good measure (we are a liberal arts college after all). Unlike the other 9 groups on campus, we are characterized by the following characteristics:

No beatboxing element (though many of us enjoy it outside of official performance mode, it doesn’t fit with our style)

Very untraditional music arrangements (and we tend to avoid genres such as contemporary pop)

Really rich and bass-heavy harmonies


A fondness for all things beer

Part of being an Axie is learning to straddle the line between being serious about making great music and learning not to take oneself or A Cappella too seriously. It should be fun, entertaining, spontaneous, fresh, and audience inclusive. So we tend to get pretty silly and dramatic onstage. Occasionally we even improv songs (a risky but rewarding endeavor when successful). Also, we’re not very much into rigid or hierarchical leadership structures. Yes there are presidents and pitches, but everyone always has a say in everything that occurs and a right to have their opinions voiced, freshmen included. No decision is approved without a majority vote. You’re not forced into doing anything you don’t want to do (like singing only one song over your career) and you’re most definitely guaranteed at least one solo every year. Over the course of our Vassar careers we become closer to brothers than friends, if we’re going to use labels. We really feel as if  we are a fraternity, just without the hazing, psuedo-social activism, and misogynistic traditions that accompany far too many (but definitely not ALL) Greek life dominated campuses across the US. We aren’t about that. Instead, we’re about being not just a singing organization but a real support group for one another; a group of coincidentally handsome ‘dads’ who sing as much as bond with one another.

Oh, also, we’re pretty good pals with the Night Owls, Vassar’s (and America’s) oldest female A Cappella group, and they are some fine, talented, intelligent, respectable and beautiful ladies, with whom we usually perform a joint concert during the Academic Year as per tradition.

So, you interested in joining us?

Auditions for the 2013-2014 Academic Year are going to take place the day after the preview concert (FRIDAY) from 5:30pm to 10:30pm in Rocky 200 (room subject to change, so keep an eye out), SATURDAY from 10am – 1pm, and Call-backs we will talk about during your auditions. For your audition, please prepare 30 seconds or so of a song of your choosing (hopefully one you are comfortable with), and we’ll guide you through the rest. Don’t stress! For those observant Jews among our applicants (completely coincidentally, only 2 of our current membersat the moment are Goyim) auditions will also take place on Sunday as needed. ANY Vassar student who identifies as a male is welcome to join (last year we accepted 2 seniors, so don’t be shy). Also, you don’t HAVE to like beer…or even drinking. Seriously, be a teetotaler and we’ll love you just the same. We just seem to attract that type. It is college after all.

We’re constantly arranging new stuff, and writers get first dibs on their own shiz. AUDITION 4 US.

Here’s a sample of how we sounded in 2010