I’ve Got a Golden Ticket!

The Vassar Greens’ Tap That! tap water campaign is sponsoring a ‘Golden Ticket‘ competition starting TOMORROW, March 3 and lasting until all 3 golden tickets have been found! Look for the Tap That! table in the college center every Wednesday and Friday, sign our pledge to reduce your use of bottled water, purchase a Vassar Greens water bottle for only $5, and check inside to see if you’ve got a golden ticket!

There are 3 possible tickets to find during the competition. Each golden ticket is redeemable for one water-related prize basket. The three prizes are:

Hot Water Basket: This includes a water-heater as well as hot water treats like hot chocolate mix and tea.

Cold Water Basket: This includes a Brita water filter as well as delicious water additives like flavoring and iced tea.

Fruit Smoothie Basket: This includes a blender as well as delicious ingredients for your favorite fruit smoothies.

Purchase your Vassar Greens water bottle now before all the tickets are gone!