National Concerns Over Fracking Increase

A controversial technique for producing oil and natural gas called hydraulic fracturing — or fracking — has led to drilling booms from Texas to Pennsylvania in recent years. But there are concerns that it may be polluting drinking water. As policymakers in Washington discuss how to make fracking safer, there is concern that fracking itself […]

Organic Water: The Latest Sham

From Minnesota Public Radio website: A funny thing happened at the Fancy Food Show in Washington the other day. We were cruising through the various food exhibits from around the world, checking out the latest goodies, including gluten-free snacks, quinoa in a bag, and relaxation drinks, and then we came upon the food display from Wales. […]

NY fracking review

ALBANY – The state’s top environmental regulator is set today to further explain the Department of Environmental Conservation’s newly released recommendations for hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. DEC Commissioner Joseph Martens will address the media today at 1 p.m. in a conference call with reporters. The DEC Thursday released a number of major, sweeping changes […]