Bottled Water Banned on Vassar’s Campus!

Due to an energized and powerful initiative led by the Vassar Greens’ Tap That campaign, bottled water will no longer be offered through Vassar’s Dining Services. In only its second year, Tap That galvanized student support around the issue of banning bottled water–many members of the Vassar Student Association (VSA) received more student input on Tap That’s initiative than they’d ever received before! For all members of the Greens, Tap That’s momentum was inspiring and shows that we can make real change occur on campus!

Bottled water is detrimental to the environment for many reasons: private water companies drain aquifers and other natural water sources; it takes so much oil to make one bottle of water that the oil could fill up a quarter of the bottle; and bottled water is poorly regulated, meaning that many toxins can easily contaminate our body from bottled water.

From an economic and social standpoint, the Vassar Greens rejects the notion that water, a resource that is vital and necessary for all human life, can be commodified and sold on the global marketplace for means of corporate profit.

By reducing bottled water usage on campus, the Vassar Greens seeks to change the way that students think about bottled water and hopes to contribute to a world with less plastic waste and more clean drinking water for all!

Furthermore, tap water is free! That’s why we Tap That!

For more information, see the following article, “Rethink What You Drink”:

Here’s a cool graphic on the problems with bottled water:

And to read the Vassar Miscellany News’s coverage of  the bottled water ban, see

Congrats to Tap That, and to all in the Greens!

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