Vassar College Emergency Medical Services (VCEMS) provides high-quality, confidential emergency medical care for Vassar College community during the academic year. VCEMS operates on weeknights from 5PM until 8AM, and provides 24-hour coverage from Friday at 5PM until Monday morning at 8AM. VCEMS also provides extra coverage during large-scale campus events, such as Halloweekend and Founder’s Day. The minimum requirement for riding with VCEMS is having a national CPR/AED certification, but the majority of our members are also NY-certified EMT-Bs.

Vassar College Emergency Medical Services (VCEMS) was founded in 1979. Currently, VCEMS has a membership of over 60 members. Most members of VCEMS are New York State certified EMTs, while the remaining members are CPR/AED certified and working towards attaining their New York State certification. VCEMS serves a campus of over 2,500 students, faculty, and staff. VCEMS functions as a non-transporting Basic Life Support (BLS) Quick Response Service. Any patient requiring transport to a local hospital will be transported by Mobile Life Support Systems Inc. Most patients needing further care at a hospital will be transported to Vassar Brothers Medical Center or Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital of Westchester Medical Center. VCEMS does not operate during college breaks.

VCEMS works with the college to maintain the Good Samaritan Policy which ensures that those seeking medical assistance for themselves or a friend in need will not be subjected to College regulations regarding alcohol or drug use. For more information about the Good Samaritan Policy please see the Vassar Student Handbook (p.99, C4).

For more information about VCEMS, please contact the Captain at ems@vassar.edu.