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Allocations Committee

What We Do

Co-chaired by the Chair and Vice Chair of Finance, the Finance Committee oversees the funds of the Association, recommending the disbursal of funds to student organizations to the Senate and ensuring our bylaws and policies are adhered to when funds are spent by student organizations.

Who We Are

Dylan Ouderkirk

Director of Finance (Chair)

Noura Lamb

Senior Class Senator

Mariano Decarvalho

Junior Class Senator

Mila Seifert

Sophomore Class Senator

Justine Katimbang

First-Year Class Senator

Alexander Swift

Senate Clerk

Our Priorities and Initiatives

Every session, the Senate develops a Priorities and Initiatives Proposal. The Proposal consist of a series of student concerns and sets the primary advocacy goals and chief topics of concern for the Association.

Below are this Committee's delegated priorities and initiatives.

Learning at Vassar

Initiative Title

Living at Vassar

Initiative Title