Vassar Student Association

Smoking Poll Results

Should smoking be prohibited on Vassar College property?

Yes: 326, 34.7%
No: 614, 65.3%

Q: What does this mean?

Simply put, a majority of surveyed students do not think Vassar College should go smoke free.

Q: What happens next?

Ultimately, this issue is decided on by the Committee on College Life (CCL), a presidential advisory committee made of elected and selected students, faculty, and administrators charged with, amongst other things, recommending changes to college regulations to the president of the college. The CCL could still decide to implement a ban. However, the entire CCL, and the students who sit on it in particular, will seriously consider these results when recommending and voting on policy. While these results make a smoke free Vassar unlikely, they do not preclude it. In addition, the CCL may still vote to make some progress towards an eventual smoke-free campus, including isolating smoking to designated smoking areas. CCL meets on a roughly once per month basis, and will meet at least two more times before the end of the year. Regardless of what action the CCL takes, the VSA Council has made a commitment to keeping all students informed about this issue.

Q: What if I have more questions or want to talk more about this?

As always, the VSA Executive Board and your respective representatives would love to hear from you. VSA President Tanay Tatum and VP for Student Life Charlie Dobb both sit on the CCL and can be reached at:

Tanay Tatum
Office Hours: W: 1-3 pm, R: 4:30-6:30 pm

Charlie Dobb
Office Hours: R: 2-4 pm, F: 12-1 pm

Q: What if I want to quit smoking?

A: The Office of Health Education offers smoking cessation assistance and can be reached by e-mailing


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