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The Casework System is a service designed to provide assistance to a constituent at their request in their dealings with the College or Vassar Student Association.

Senators and House Presidents are charged with conducting casework as a part of their advocacy responsibilities. Casework serves as a service of mutual benefit, wherein a student can be provided the necessary support regarding an issue they may be facing and the Vassar Student Association can track issue areas and maintain records to strengthen wider advocacy efforts.

Please note that Senators and House Presidents are prohibited from conducting casework on issues under the purview of the Academic Panel, Bias Incident Response Team, EOAA/Title IX, or Student Conduct (CECR). Additionally, Senators and House Presidents are prohibited from providing casework assistance on the basis of contributions or services to organizations in which the Senator or House President has a financial interest. Casework services should also not be construed to be a system of emotional support, rather it is intended to be a resolving service that centers advocacy around College policy enforcements and hindrances of access or engagement.

Casework Request Form