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Board of Elections and Appointments

Appointed to protect the integrity and independence of student elections, the members of the Board of Elections and Appointments controls all VSA elections, appointments, recalls, and all related activities.

Spring 2024 Election

A general election is going to be held in 2024 Spring semester to elect all campus-wide and constituent-based positions.  The filing form will open on Monday, February 12th and will close on February 19th at noon. 

Due to absences in the Board of Elections and Appointments, the VSA Elections this spring will be run by an ad hoc committee made up of Division of Communications, Senior Senators, and supervised by the VSA president. This group will serve as an impartial, unbiased party (no one involved will be running for a position). This will not change how the elections are run. 

There are five (5) Executive Officers, sixteen (16) full-term or part-term Class Senator, and five (5) Judicial Council.
 Class Senators and Class Justices must be in their respective class years. 

This year the President and Vice President must run together as one ticket. 

There are also five (5) Executive Officers that, rather than being elected, are nominated by the President-elect with the support of the elected members of the Cabinet-elect. The application to be considered for nomination by the President is open during the filing and campaigning period, and students may apply for a Director position in addition to (or in lieu of) filing for candidacy. These Director positions are: Director of Services; Director of Finance; Director of Student Organizations; Director of Student Events; Director of Communications.

Senators receive stipends for their work and Cabinet members receive full work-study amount, therefore Cabinet members cannot hold other campus jobs at the same time. 

Per our Constitution, no person may hold more than one (1) position at a time in the VSA

Filing Opens

Monday, February 12th – Monday, February 19th

Mandatory Candidate's Meeting

Monday, February 19th, 5:00 pm



February 19th, 6 pm - February 26th 


Tuesday, February 27th – Wednesday, February 29th

Results Announced

Thursday, February 29th, 5:00pm

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