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Judicial Board

Elected to uphold the Governing Documents of the Association, the members of the Judicial Board work to adjudicate any disputes under the purview of the Association.

What We Do

Subject to the powers of the students and other limitations provided for in the Constitution, the Judicial Board has the power to:

  • Be responsible for the adjudication of cases involving:
  • The disputes between members or bodies of the Association regarding the constitutionality of any action or inaction by other members of bodies of the Association.
  • The appeals of decisions by the Board of Elections and Appointments from members of the Association in the elections administered by the Board of Elections and Appointments.
  • Subpoena any member of the Association or any material deemed necessary to foster a judicious adjudication by the Judicial Board.
  • Populate standing and ad-hoc committees of the College.
  • Ensure that members and actions of the Association are in compliance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association by judicial review.

Any student or body of the Association may file a case against:

  • Any elected or appointed member of the VSA.
  • Any student organization that is officially recognized by the VSA.
  • Any officer of a student organization that is officially recognized by the VSA.

Who We Are


Riley Traub

Chief Justice

Maxwell Newman

Class of 2024 Justice

Zayn Cheema

Class of 2025 Justice

Tasneem Hussein

Class of 2026 Justice

To Be Elected

Class of 2027 Justice


To Be Hired



Docket No.DateNameAuthored ByOpinion TypeLink
--08//28/2022Session Commencement--View
DateDocket No.NameAuthored ByOpinion TypeLink
09/26/20212Alexis Reyes v. Ryan MazurkiewiczChief Justice PihlstromJudicial BoardView
10/31/20213Kyla Putterman v. Board of Election AppointmentsChief Justice PihlstromJudicial BoardView
11/14/20214, 5Daniella Lorman and Clement Doucette v. Students for Justice in PalestineAssociate Justice ThompsonJudicial BoardView
01/21/20226, 7Alexis Reyes v. Web Intern and Operations CommitteeChief Justice PihlstromJudicial BoardView
02/21/20228Cecilia Villaseñor v. Vassar College Sound SystemChief Justice PihlstromJudicial BoardView
04/25/20229Olivia Gross v. Board of Elections and AppointmentsChief Justice PihlstromJudicial BoardView