Representing the student community.

Maintaining shared governance.

Courtesy of Vassar College

Our Mission

The mission of the Vassar Student Association shall be to serve, represent, promote the interests of and improve the welfare of the undergraduate students of Vassar College. The Association commits itself to effective participation in the decision-making processes of the College, and shall use such participation, acknowledging the historical and contemporary systems of oppression both at the College and in the wider community, to combat systems of oppression against its members. As voluntary members of Vassar College, the Association recognizes and supports the Principles of Shared Governance of the College and shall fulfill its responsibilities to its members and the College in accordance with its own mission.


Students serving

in the Senate


Certified and




Years of Service to

the Vassar Community

Our Government

The Vassar Student Association is the governing body of the undergraduate students of Vassar College. Through its various bodies and in accordance with its Governing Documents and the Governance of the College, the Vassar Student Association works to promotes its mission of serving, representing, promoting the interests of and improving the welfare of its members.


Elected to represent the student community, the members of the Senate work to legislate and advocate on behalf of the student community and serve on the Joint Committees of the College.

Judicial Board

Elected to uphold the Governing Documents of the Association, the members of the Judicial Board work to adjudicate any disputes under the purview of the Association.

Other Bodies

The elected and appointed member of the supplemental bodies of the Association work to complete their tasks as prescribed in the Governing Documents of the Association.